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Muffin Monster® Grinders

Muffin Monsters® are a market-leading range of municipal wastewater shredders and screening systems, incorporating a heavy duty, precision machined grinding system, suited for the most ardous of applications.

Muffin Monster® sewage grinders are designed to protect pumps and other equipment by grinding down the toughest wastewater solids.

10K Series Muffin Monster

The 10K Series Muffin Monster is a compact grinder, tough on solids in sludge and sewage applications. It fits into areas with limited space requirements while still providing the necessary power for downstream protection. The 10K Series is an ideal, low-cost solution that goes beyond sludge grinding at resource recovery facilities, and fits perfectly into office buildings, apartment complexes, resorts, retail centers and package wastewater treatment plants.

30K Series Muffin Monster

Troublesome solids are now easier than ever to reduce with the Muffin Monster dual-shafted grinder. Its slow speed, high-torque design shreds tough solids that typically cause sewer problems. With over 35,000 installations, the proven capabilities of the Muffin Monster is legendary in providing solutions for the ever more stringent operational needs arising throughout the industry.

40K Series Muffin Monster

The 40K Series Muffin Monster excels in wet and dry grinding applications. It’s a powerful shredder for large sludge processing systems. It also serves in many industrial applications including fish and beef processing, petroleum, pulp and paper mills, chemical plants and recycling plants.


  • Pump Stations
  • Sludge lines
  • Septage receiving stations
  • Headworks screening reduction
  • Prisons
  • Marine waste

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