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Polyethylene Packaged Pump Station

Providing a multitude of prefabricated pumping solutions, Allied Pumps’ Polyethylene Packaged Pump Station consists of a heavy duty polyethylene pit and a wide range of pumps to facilitate applications including domestic and commercial sewage, septic effluent, stormwater and industrial waste.

Polyethylene is a resilient light-weight material with excellent chemical resistance and is extremely strong. Holes can easily be cut for vent and conduit penetrations on site, and inlet connections are moulded in.

A choice of lid options are available, including light service hinged aluminium lids and light or heavy service cast iron covers. A complete range of automatic and manual pumps are available to suit any application and they can be set up in twin or single pump configuration.

The polyethylene pits can also be used as neutralization and buffer pits in trade waste treatment systems, holding tanks in tank farms and bunded areas, stormwater detention chambers, solids setting pits and in water and wastewater treatment systems.

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