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Apac™ Enhanced Output Quality Sewage Treatment Plant

Utilising Cleartec’s biological treatment expertise with advanced submerged membrane technology, Apac™ combines the process elements of secondary, tertiary and advanced waste water treatment in a single package.

The membrane separation process eliminates the conventional sedimentation tank and allows high volumetric loading resulting in a much smaller footprint. Apac™ can produce high quality effluent with high BOD5 removal (about 98%), complete nitrification and partial denitrification. It also achieves almost complete TSS removal.

Apac™ Membrane BioReactor (MBR) consists of an activated sludge process which substitutes microfiltration membrane modules for the clarifier. The membranes serve as microbial barriers that can capture most of the biomass for recirculation inside the bioreactor. The MBR allows the activated sludge process to be optimised for solid-liquid separation and substrate utilisation since bioflocculation is no longer an issue.

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