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SPEL Floating Treatment Wetlands

Increased urbanisation and farming can often result in low quality runoff water, which may upset the nutrient balance of streams and lakes by polluting the waterway with phosphorous, nitrogen or Total Suspended Solids (TSS). Retrofitting a water treatment system to the affected area will improve water quality significantly.

Whatever type of pollutant you’re dealing with, SPEL Environmental’s innovative technologies have been proven to provide excellent results.

The SPEL Floating Treatment Wetlands supplies a two-fold result: it provides a lush, fertile wetland for the beautification of canals, ponds, lakes, lagoons and other slow-flowing waterways, and also improves water quality. This natural filtration and biological treatment system has a positive social impact on the area. It can support many different types of plants — including native flora — and will help keep water quality at an extremely high level. In many cases, the floating wetland acts as a haven for both terrestrial and marine wildlife.

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