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For over 30 years we here at Allied Pumps have been specialising in and innovating purpose-built and complete water package pumping, storage and treatment solutions locally, nationally and internationally. When it comes to hydraulic services equipment, we’re the preferred provider for pumping, storage and treatment nationally.


Our Solutions

At Allied Pumps we don’t just offer an impressive range of products, we offer impressive service. We have a demonstrated commitment to working with our customers and suppliers to find targeted solutions to fit your unique requirements. We have partnered with companies in the mining, commercial and industrial sectors to provide equipment covering all applications in pumping, storage and treatment.


Our mining and mining services customers rely on our extensive field knowledge, advice, supply and service, adding real value to their operations. This includes effective and efficient solutions for large-scale water infrastructure and irrigation. We are experts in mine dewatering and water transfer



Our diverse range of products are tailored to the specific needs of each customer, development and building. Whether it’s hospitals, shopping centres, or schools, our customers benefit from hydraulic services and accurate product selection for long-term, cost-effective solutions for any application



We’re renowned for our ability to support our customers in achieving a balance between quality pumping solutions and a packaged system that meets their needs. When it comes to hydraulic services equipment, we are the preferred provider for pumping and treatment across WA.



Our innovative turnkey service is called SPEL Environmental. Through SPEL, we engender and maintain a culture of ingenuity that continuously contributes to the improvement of the world’s water and waste water quality and compliance standards.



What We've Been Doing...

  • February 5 2021 / By Dev Team

    Allied Pumps Services To Assist Your Commercial Needs

    Our team at Allied Pumps has extensive knowledge and experience in the commercial and building services sector. We are at the forefront of the industry offering packaged solutions for your commercial pumps, water storage and treatment requirements.

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  • January 21 2021 / By admin

    Success through the Ages: Allied Pumps 2020 Milestones

    Celebrating Allied Pumps 2020 Milestones!
    Complete package systems that Allied Pumps has been providing for over 30 years:
    - Over 15,000 pump skids built and commissioned to date
    - Over 3,100 Fire Protection Pumpsets
    - Over 1,500 Potable Water Pressure Systems
    - Over 300 Tanks equating to over 76 million litres of water

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  • October 6 2020 / By admin

    Newman Women’s Shelter – Emergency Food Box Launch

    Allied Pumps, RRT and NWS joint initiative to provide emergency food boxes for women and children in need due to family and domestic violence!

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  • November 5 2019 / By admin

    The Importance of Non-Process Infrastructure for Mining Operations

    With the demand for minerals increasing, mining operations need to scale quickly to cope with the increased demand for these commodities. This increase in production requires additional personnel to manage the mining and production, all of whom need to be accommodated on site.

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