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SAER Bore Pumps

SAER Pumps offer a world-class range of submersible Bore Hole Pumps and water filled submersible motors that are ideal for many water supply and dewatering applications in the mining, oil & gas and industrial industries.

SAER Submersible Pumps feature a precision cast 316 stainless steel (316 SS) construction, offering many benefits over a standard pressed construction pump. These benefits include higher resistance to saline applications, higher pump efficacy using SAER’s unique precision cast and balanced impellers and overall longer pump life under harsh Australian conditions.

Splined duplex pump shafts are included as standard with SAER Submersible Pumps and offer a higher resistance to saline applications, superior strength and greater efficiency. This eliminates challenges with traditional means of fixing impellers to the shaft using lock nuts that can slip, reducing pump productivity and damaging the pump shaft. SAER impellers offer increased life expectancy and greater performance with splined duplex shaft technology, eradicating the use of shaft lock nuts.

SAER water filled motors also feature PE+PA motor windings – allowing high temperature operations.

Key Features:

  • Higher resistance to saline applications
  • Flanged-pump bowls rather than strapped pump bowls
  • Precision cast balanced impellers that maintain even impeller wear over the life of the pump meaning lower efficiency loss
  • No spot welding during construction eliminating weak points that become susceptible to corrosion

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