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Here at Allied Pumps we have provided our expertise and leading-edge solutions across many significant projects in the mining, commercial, industrial, environmental and process and water infrastructure sectors both nationally and overseas. While we treat each project with the same care and attention to detail, there are some projects we acknowledge are more notable than others. Here are some projects we consider to be our most iconic ones to date.

Karratha Cyclone Tested Insulated Cold Water Tank

July 7, 2020

Allied Pumps creates insulated circular steel panel liner tank for the Karratha Health Campus to meet clients cold water requirements. We were able to meet the client's stringent requirements to produce a cost effective, potable water tank that could withstand the extreme weather conditions. Rising to the challenge, this project was Allied Pumps first insulated circular steel panel liner tank complete with a cold water circulating program.

Mobile Bore Head Works

July 7, 2020

Allied Pumps rises to the challenge. Could we produce 20 relocatable bore head works, which could last for a minimum of 20 years and be compliant with wind loading requirements AS1170.2, for a wind region A4 quickly? Being headquarted in Western Australia, with extensive stock holdings, not only do we understand harsh conditions we were able to gear up quickly and meet the clients deadline.

Optus Stadium Floating Wetland

July 7, 2020

Located on the Burswood Peninsula, the Optus Stadium is part of a large redevelopment that has become a draw card to thousands of people. However, as with all new developments there was a significant change to the existing landscape. Part of the Optus Stadium is bounded by the Swan River and river traffic, some of the retaining walls and steel piles on the water's edge which could be seen from the water and needed to be addressed which could not be achieved using a land based planting scheme or additional construction. Allied Pumps created an environmentally sound and sustainable floating treatment wetland that can be configured in rafts of endless configurations. They can fit any existing space or water body shape and can operate in fluctuating water levels which was an essential requirement for this project. While the floating treatment wetlands are primarily a water treatment tool, they have the added bonus of being visually appealing with the use of wetland sedges, rushes and grasses providing fast and easy to install beautification options.

National Anzac Centre – Albany

July 7, 2020

The National Anzac Centre is one of Australia's most important cultural pilgrimages. Located within Albany's heritage listed Princess Royal Fortress, the centre overlooks the actual harbour from which over 41,000 men and woman departed Australia for the Great War. The project required a complete sewage system in a short amount of time. The system needed to handle minimal sewage flow but be prepared for high peak loadings. This is often hard to deliver, but our systems delivered a solution to ensure optimal operation.

The City of Subiaco – Stormwater Treatment

July 7, 2020

The City of Subiaco had an initiative to improve water quality. The focus was on reducing pollutants in Lake Mabel Talbot. The lake is in the conservation category wetland under the Environment Protection policy and functions as a Water Corporation compensating basin. The lake collects rainfall runoff from four sub-catchments, totaling 300 ha. A Gross Pollutant Trap needed to treat the entire flow prior to entering the system, and our Baffle Box was the only system to appropriately meet the design criteria. The Baffle Box was able to catch leaves and other pollutants before they could enter the lake. The result of this project was cleaner water and an improvement in the water quality.

Bickley Booster – 1992 Variable Speed Pressure System

July 7, 2020

It's been 25 years, and the Bickley Booster Pump Station is still going strong. In 1992, we took on this project. This challenge began with the need to solve a low-pressure problem in the Orange Grove area. A dual pump system operating on a variable speed control was installed. This included the base, pipework, valves, control system and pressure vessel. The pump set is still functioning correctly and addressing the original issue. This project represents the quality and endurance of our pump systems.

Graylands Hospital Macerating Package System

July 7, 2020

Blockages occur fairly regularly at Graylands Hospital, Western Australia's largest mental health facility. Objects and clothing were often being introduced into the plumbing system. With 1,053 fixtures, the system needed help breaking up these foreign objects. Two of their grinder pumps were not properly handling foreign objects. After much investigation, the most practical option was to install a channel grinder in the existing mechanical screening pit. We designed specialised guiderails from 316 stainless steel. They were built in-house to suit the existing concrete structure. This solved the issue and eliminated peak flow blockages. The system has now been up and running for 24 months with no issues.

Perth City Link Busport

July 7, 2020

The Perth City Link bus port is reconnecting Northbridge with the city centre, extending from the Perth Station to the new Perth Arena. The bus port required sufficient water storage for protection against fire. Delivering water storage in an underground situation is challenging but necessary. We had several hurdles to overcome. Our ultimate solution was to recommend our dual diesel fire protection pump set. This included suction and discharge manifolds combined with dual rectangular steel liner panel tanks. We manufactured the complete fire pumps skid at our production facility, so they could be tested at our test facility. Installing the tanks onsite was then a challenge in the tight confines of the underground plant room. The successful outcome offered a sufficient amount of water that could be dumped quickly in the case of a sudden fire.

Kellerberrin Sports Centre – Submersible Pump Station

July 7, 2020

Located on Connelly Street at the Greater Sports Ground is the new built recreation & leisure centre incorporating the Kellerberrin & Districts Club. This was the site of the first concrete pump station in Western Australia. When wastewater has to get to the treatment facility and gravity is not cooperating, precast concrete pump stations do the heavy lifting. Precast concrete pump stations are designed, fabricated and installed with the highest-quality materials and equipment. We installed this system in the early 1990s. Completing a project like shows how we adopt innovation in out techniques.

Station Street Markets

July 7, 2020

Station street markets were historic markets located in Subiaco that closed in 2015 after 30 years. In 2017, the site became part of a $96M redevelopment plan. We are currently working on this project constructing custom 4.70 diameter by 9.20 high fire water tanks (holding 150 kL each). These are custom specifications to meet the site's needs. Creating custom length panels highlights our ingenuity and abilities to accommodate clients.

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