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Helical Rotor Pumps

Helical rotor pumps, also known as progressive cavity pumps or cavity pumps, are a type of rotary positive displacement pump that has a single-threaded helically shaped rotor turning inside of a double-threaded helically shaped rubber stator. This produces a progressing cavity that moves the liquid through the pump and creates the pumping action.

Helical rotor pumps are used extensively in sewage and water treatment system to pump polymer, sludge, and chemicals. They are also used in all types of industrial applications for pumping a wide variety of thin and thick liquids, including corrosive liquids and liquids containing solids.

As progressive cavity pumps can handle difficult, thick, and solid-laden liquids, they can often be used in applications where no other pump would perform.

Allied Pumps carries industrial pumps in brands such as Roto Pumps and offers a wide range of helical rotor pumps and spare parts, and has experience and expertise in hundreds of different applications of this type of pump.

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