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Submersible Pumping Stations

Allied Pumps wide range of domestic, industrial and commercial Submersible Pumping Stations (submersible pumps) have been engineered to cover applications from low usage requirements to multi-dwelling residential, commercial and industrial developments.

Domestic and light industrial waste water transfer submersible pump stations combines a Polyethylene sump designed for low usage applications with a range of compact heavy duty submersible pumps. Applications include raw sewage (sewerage), effluent, storm water, subsoil drainage and industrial waste.

Industrial and commercial waste water transfer submersible pump stations are available in precast concrete and packaged fibreglass and have been developed for common effluent schemes where twin pumps or larger storage volumes are required.

A complete range of effluent and sewer pumps and specialised control panels are available to suit almost any requirement from effluent and sewage (sewerage) through to storm water and trade waste is available from Allied Pumps including:

  • Compact Submersible Packaged Pump Station
  • Fibreglass Packaged Pump Station
  • Package Municipal Pump Station
  • Package Undersink Sullage System
  • Polyethyelene Packaged Pump Station
  • Precast Concrete Packaged Pump Station
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