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Allied Pumps Builds Complete Water Transfer Pump System in just 25 hours

December 4 2018

A client called on Monday 5th November asking if we had a Fixed Speed Pressure System (Pressure Pumpset) in stock. With some of the largest stock holdings in Western Australia there was a good chance we did have something that would be suitable for the client’s requirements. However, in looking into the specification further, the completed pressure system did not quite match specification.

Working closely with the client, a member of the sales team and the project manager provided a quote for a custom-built package system and advised that we could have the system ready by Friday 9th November.

Pressed for time, the client however, asked if it could be built and ready for collection by 4pm Wednesday.

Determining the scope of work, and several meetings between the project manager, sales and production teams accepted that the project could be fast tracked.

The Purchase Order was received at 3pm the following day (Tuesday).

The required parts were picked and assembled ready for building. Once built, the package system underwent factory acceptance testing. This was completed, and the system was signed off and wrapped ready for loading onto the delivery truck by 4pm Wednesday.

From Order received to Shipping was just 25 hrs.

Allied Pumps produces a specialised range of Packaged Pressure Systems which have been engineered to answer the growing demand for precision control and constant pressure to eliminate cycling, pressure fluctuations and cyclic fatigue.

We offer two generic types of control – Fixed Speed Systems and Variable Speed Systems. Single or multiple pump units can be combined with pressure tanks, valves, gauges, pressure and flow monitoring equipment and many different filtration and treatment options – all mounted on a common frame with interconnecting pipework, manifolds, terminating in a single suction and discharge point for ease of connection.

Whatever challenge you are facing, Allied Pumps has a solution for you. For more information on our package water pressure systems, please contact a member of the sales team on 1800 335 550

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