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Allied Pumps delivers first of its kind integrated diesel fuel supply system for large mine in Western Australia

November 6 2018

One of our clients approached us with a request to deliver an integrated fuel supply system along with two large bulk fuel facilities to rapidly fuel an ore train fleet for their mining client who needed to meet production and delivery schedules.

With five ore trains per day operating from the mine, each consisting of two diesel electric locomotives hauling 232 ore cars with a total payload of 31,132 tonnes of ore per day, the operation used a lot of diesel and any delay in refueling could potentially cost the client a significant amount of money.

Having successfully completed a number critical projects for the client in the past, they were aware of our capabilities and by reputation for our ability to innovate and find incredible solutions for highly-challenging situations.

Traditionally fuel facilities have pumps for unloading, loading and other refueling activities located around the site and are wired back to a Motor Control Centre building. What made this project rather more challenging was the fact that the two bulk fuel facilities would be located 500km apart in a remote location. Due to the scale of the project, the system also required a communications interface so that remote monitoring could take place.

In looking at the challenges this presented, we came up with an innovative solution.

Our approach was to consolidate the pumping, compressed air equipment and Motor Control Centre onto a single super skid which we would pre-fabricate, assemble and test at our facility. This decision solved one of the biggest issues and enabled us to prepare the super skid which could be lifted into place on site with a single lift.

This approach also saved the client considerable expense by:

  • Reducing site works in running pipework and cables
  • Reducing site commissioning time
  • Engineering out potential re-work of the project, while
  • Being the first of its kind anywhere in the world.

Delivered on time and on budget the Rail Pump Skids are working efficiently to fuel the ore trains allowing the mine to meet all production schedules.

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