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Allied Pumps Fire Protection Systems

April 1 2021

Allied Pumps are the leading experts when it comes to fire protection systems.

We offer a range of Package Fire Pumps that include Fire Protection Pumpsets and Fire Hydrant Pumps. Our fire pumps have been developed to meet the demand for specialised turnkey systems that are compliant with Australian standard AS2941:2013 for Fire Pumps. Our water storage tanks are designed to work with the Allied Pumps Packaged Fire Pumps. Allied Pumps’ Circular and Rectangular

Galvanised Steel Panel Liner Tanks are specifically designed, manufactured and tested for fire and other industrial applications.

Continue reading to learn more about our fire protection systems.

Fire Pumps For Buildings

In recent years buildings are being built up rather than wider, because of this careful consideration needs to be taken to meet fire safety standards. Higher floors in a building are often taller than the pumping capacity of fire departments. Having a fire pump ensures the fire sprinklers in the building work effectively, by increasing the firefighter’s range of a building. This is done by boosting the pressure in the hydrant service when the mains are not enough. The taller the building is, the more pressure is required to keep the water pressure at a sufficient level to extinguish the fire.

What Facilities Can Benefit From Fire Pumps

Fire water pumps are required where the local municipal water system is unable to provide enough pressure or where the building classification or category requires additional fire protection. Fire Pumps are also needed in hospitals, hotels and apartment buildings. They’re also found in facilities where the water supply is provided from a ground-level water storage tank. These places include schools, shopping centres, aged care facilities, retirement villages, and more.

The Benefits Of An Allied Pumps Fire Protection Pumpset

  • The Allied Pumps systems can be supplied to incorporate a diesel engine, electric motor, anti-vibration, fuel tank, batteries, pressure relief valves, heat exchange cooling and more.
  • Our packaged fire pump sets are built in-house from the base through to the pipework and switchboards ensuring the highest quality control.
  • Allied Pumps incorporate fully NATA-certified test bay facilities with flow capabilities to 700L/sec.
  • We’re able to engineer a solution for the specific application – whether it’s to suit an existing plant room to a code-compliant system drawing from a below-ground tank, our pump set package will meet all the requirements.

Allied Pumps Fire Water Tanks

Our fire water tanks are cost-effective, high-quality solutions that are manufactured to Australian Fire Tank Standards. We offer versatile tanks with the option of rectangular or circular configurations. The Allied Pumps Fire Tanks are compliant with all Australian Standards including AS2419 for tanks and AS2304 for fire tanks.

Fire Pump Enclosure

Allied Pumps offer compact, aesthetically pleasing, weather protective and vandal resistant Fire Pump Enclosures for professional and acoustic noise attenuated applications. The Allied Pumps’ Fire Pump Enclosure features fully galvanised construction and heavy-duty powder coated finish to a colour of choice to suit surrounding architecture. Allied Pumps’ Fire Pump Enclosures can be custom designed and manufactured in compliance with site restrictions and include large access doors, offering excellent serviceability and ongoing maintenance requirements. Systems are delivered pre-assembled and save on-site installation, truly encompassing the ‘complete package’ approach.

Why Allied Pumps?

We’re the leading supplier of hydraulic services to mining, port facilities, commercial and industrial buildings. We provide accurate product selection for long-term, cost-effective solutions for any application. Our products are manufactured to the highest standard of engineering and reliability in accordance with ISO 9001:2015.

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