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Allied Pumps Leads with Quality and On-Time Solutions

November 14 2017

Allied Pumps is a leader in purpose-built hydraulic pumping and quality treatment systems. We can store any quantity and have the support of a technical team to do so. Our abilities and capabilities are made possible with our robust and well-designed facilities. It also helps us meet deadlines no matter how tight.

At Allied Pumps, we know it’s extremely important to have up-to-date and leading-edge production facilities. Additionally, we must be ready to accommodate our clients with 24/7 service. Ultimately, our objective is to deliver high-quality systems on time.

We work with many industries to provide the solutions they need for seamless operations. Industries with which we work include mining and port facilities as well as commercial and industrial buildings. Our hydraulic services allow our clients to enjoy long-term resolutions that are cost effective.

From our base in Western Australia, we’re able to deliver service and solutions both nationally and internationally. Our facilities allow for many manufacturing capacities and in-house testing at our Canning Vale facility.

We focus on specific solutions for our customers. Our expertise is in complete package pumping, storage and treatment packages.

What sets us apart

One thing that really sets us apart is our proximity to market. This allows us to deliver on the outcomes that our clients most expect. Our resources for input and output production scheduling procurement allow for efficient packaging and distribution. Where we are and how we can get to our customers matters, especially with time-sensitive projects.

You can come to us with any problem. There’s a good chance we’ve encountered it before. We have a great team that has excellent problem-solving abilities. Our workforce is skilled and has the experience and expertise required. We promote a culture of safety and compliance. We do things well and right. This commitment to process means we can ensure quality for both small and large projects.

We create partnerships with our clients. We’ve invested in solving your problems. Understanding exactly which challenges many companies encounter allows us to create a customized, purposeful solution. This concentration on working together extends to our suppliers as well. As an ecosystem of solution, we believe in extending our relationships in every situation is a great way to foster the outcomes that everyone wants from a project.

Knowledge matters. We know that it’s an important part of design. Our mechanical and electrical drafting and engineering experts work with operations and production teams for a seamless experience. This cooperation among teams drives home our mantra of meeting expectations with DIFOT (delivery in full, on time).

Save money, maintain quality

Considering partnering with Allied Pumps? Here’s how you can save money but maintain quality with us:

  • Optimisation of time management, excellence in workmanship, environmental controls, and safety systems
  • Open, competitive choice for products, services, and maintenance
  • Proven, pre-packaged solutions or custom-built packages that reduce implementation costs and risk

Consistent high standards

Standards in manufacturing are vital as well. We perform at the highest level in accordance with ISO 9001:2008.

Our facilities provide:

  • Manufacture parts including bases, trailers, electrical and switchboards
  • Pipework fabrication
  • Paint
  • Assembly of pipework, drilling and mounting, pumps, motors, accessories and stands
  • Skid wiring
  • Finalising for dispatch, which includes hydro testing, skid wiring testing, QA and QC approval
  • Test rig/client witness testing

Facility calibrating

To serve our customer needs, our facilities must have the highest standards. They are meticulously calibrated to ensure technical standards are maintained. For the best outcomes for our clients, we keep our infrastructure and processes up-to-date and to the highest standards of ISO 9001 quality, ISO 14001:2014 environmental management and AS/NZS 4801:2001.

Our testing facilities are also fully NATA certified and operated to AS 2417.

Sustainability efforts

Sustainability is so vital to our operations and our planet. We are committed to protecting the environment. We help take care of Earth by offering water filtration, sewage treatment, and oily water processing. Additionally, we reuse and recycle water systems when possible.

Sustainability and environmental responsibility are not just our vision. They are an ideal we continually strive towards. Our responsibility is to improve and maintain safety and quality of life for current and future generations won’t waiver. We are proud to be a protector of our most precious resource, water.

We are also constantly looking toward innovation for a more sustainable future. We keep looking at how we create systems and seeking opportunities for better ways to serve clients and the globe. Learn more about how Allied Pumps can provide you with a cost-effective, quality solution.

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