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Allied Pumps Trolley Mounted Pumps Offer Flexible Solutions in Demanding Situations

February 25 2019

The Allied Pump range of Trolley Pumps are engineered to cater for the growing demand for a flexible solution to the many pumping issues our clients are facing.

In a 24/7 environment, pumps need to handle the endless pumping required to meet production targets. However, this demand can also cause machinery including pumps to malfunction or stop working altogether.

Downtime can be costly, so what can you do to ensure this is kept to a minimum?

Trolley mounted pumps can be manoeuvred into position to take the place of the failed pump. This can be unhooked from the system and sent to our Pump Repair Team for evaluation. Instead of costly downtime, the trolley mounted pump can ensure this is kept to an absolute minimum.

This is not the only use of trolley mounted pumps of course, and the biggest key to why these trolley mounted pumps are so popular lies in their flexibility.


An increase in production and a need to move product to market required an innovative solution. One of the most important was to find a pump that could pump products that contain solids but could do so without heating and therefore potentially damaging the finished product.

Our Solution:

We installed three Inoxpa 3” Helical Impeller Pumps without VSD. These were coupled to 2.2 KW motors, mounted to stainless steel trolleys with 3” BSM to 2” tri-clover reducers on the suction and delivery, as well as CMG motors and 2 to 200-minute timers. This provided the flexibility required by the wine producer and they were able to ramp up production easily.


One of our clients required a mobile pump solution that could handle the safe transfer of chemicals in an area where ignitable concentrations of gasses, vapours and liquids are present.

Our Solution:

We provided 3” Wilden Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps on a custom designed and built trolley.

The Wilden AOD pumps were the perfect solution to this client’s problem. They are designed to run-dry without damage and self-prime. With no electrical power or auxiliary requirements, making the Wilden AOD pump intrinsically safe in this potentially hazardous atmosphere. Built into their custom roll frame, these mobile trolley pumps can be moved easily throughout the facility improving production capabilities.

For larger applications, but where flexibility is still required, Allied Pumps also produces a range of trailer mounted pumps. These are especially popular in the mine dewatering areas as they contain pumps, pipework and generators on the one trailer. They can also be fitted with solar panels and telemetry if required.

Trolley mounted pumps have a wide range of uses. If you think your process could benefit from one of these versatile units, please contact a member of the Allied Pumps team today.

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