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Allied Pumps venturing into the ‘last Australian frontier’

May 26 2017

In a demonstration of long term commitment to the Northern Territory market and product backup, Allied Pumps has increased technical support on the ground. Allied Pumps has been involved in a wide range of projects in Northern Territory, from Impex to Linfox Darwin and Taminmin College to Haulmark Trailers.

Last month we expanded our presence and service with the addition of a full-time technician to support our growing footprint in the region.

Greg Slack, a director for Allied Pumps believes that NT has been under serviced and there are tremendous opportunities for us to care for and work with both existing and new clients.

Meet Paul Willans

Paul is the new face of our NT operations. He is an A grade electrician licensed in NT and WA.  Paul brings a wealth of experience within in a number of industries including telecommunications and service, as well as in management, design, manufacture, production and power generation, both in Australia and overseas.

Having both owned, managed and worked in a number of businesses, Paul knows what he enjoys and what he values the most about his work is the people he meets and the relationships he is able to establish.

When we asked Paul about his views on sustainability and safety within the mining industry, he said, ”Safety is paramount in any industry, it’s our primary focus when we do anything, is it safe.”

“Water is an area where with the careful use and reuse we are able to utilise the resource for the better. In India we see solar and moisture laden air being utilised to provide fresh drinking water. I also was involved in a project where black water was being cleaned to drinking water quality in a simple process”.

With his extensive knowledge about power generation and electrical work, Paul will cover a number of different clients across the territory.

Paul ended up in Darwin after he and his wife Shana decided to travel around Australia in a Volvo bus that they rebuilt from scratch into a mobile home. Eventually they hit the road for a “first lap” around the country and called into Darwin for a rest six months later in 2014.

They have stayed since then as he was ‘hooked’. Paul and Shana love the lifestyle, climate and especially the people and have since set down roots to stay and enjoy ‘the last frontier in Australia’, as he terms it.

With a family history in car rallying, Paul has been involved in the sport since he was 5. This lead him to a stint in Mumbai managing rally cars. He is also a keen fisherman. Ask him about it when you meet him.

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