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Allied Pumps World Water Day Competition: Our Wonderful Winners

April 24 2017

Here at Allied Pumps, we’re all about safeguarding the future by increasing the availability of safe water and encouraging its conservation. It’s still unacceptable that 663 million people worldwide are living without a clean and sustainable supply of water close to home, and we aim to do what we can to reduce that figure within our lifetimes.

Supporting World Water Day 2017

This is why we support World Water Day, an initiative set up by the United Nations in collaboration with governments and partners from around the world. World Water Day is held on March 22nd each year, and this year we decided to make an extra special effort to commemorate it.

As part of our activities, we launched an internal competition for our staff members, asking them to come up with ideas of how we can waste less water in-house. Much of the world’s water pollution comes from industry and agriculture and, is being released back into nature. So we asked our staff to design systems for recycling and reusing our wastewater in a creative and cost-effective way. We were amazed at the entries we received, and it was tough to choose the prize winners, but here is our final selection of the best ideas.

Simple, Effective Measures

It was virtually impossible for us to choose an overall first place, so we chose two instead! The first of these went to Justin and Van, whose range of simple and effective ideas were exactly what we were looking for. They suggested:

  • Installing timed shut off taps to prevent us from wasting too much water washing our hands
  • Installing tanks at our pressure stations for testing items
  • Using our massive roof space for storage tanks that could supply the water needed for flushing the toilets and irrigating the plants.

Even more creatively, they proposed capturing and filtering all the roof run-off water, so it could be bottled and given to the Salvation Army. It could then be distributed to the homeless and those in need.

Reducing Pollution

In joint first place was Art’s clever suggestion of reusing our test tank water for flushing the toilets, to reduce waste and pollution. He suggested that this could be achieved simply at a low cost of around $3,500, by mounting a pressure system under the test tank which would pump water into the office ceiling space, where it would connect with the WC supply.

Showcasing Our Work

Our second prize winner was James Smith, whose idea was to recycle the water used to test our systems and showcase it so potential clients can actually see the amount of water being recycled and filtered. James believes this could be achieved by having the water drain into a holding tank in the ground, where a fixed skid pump station would filter it. A normal pressure system could then be used to recycle the clean water into the test tanks.

James estimates that the set-up cost for this system would be high – around $100,000 – but points out what an excellent sales pitch it would make for the company, allowing us to recoup the cost in new business.

Stop Wasting Water

We should give a special mention to Rikus, for the innovative suggestion that we could simply use less water by doing pressure testing with air instead, and using soap spray to check for leaks. This clever system would cost nothing other than the possible cost of a computer test setup.

We would like to thank all of our staff who took part in the competition and gave their ideas so much thought and effort. All our winners received a small reward for their endeavours. It’s wonderful to know that we’re all dedicated to the same goal of a safer, cleaner, more sustainable environment.

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