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Being Environmentally Responsible is Reflected in our Solutions and Operations

November 14 2017

Allied Pumps is committed to being environmentally conscious. We believe in safeguarding the Earth for the future. It’s part of our vision and mission. This philosophy can be seen in the services we offer like stormwater treatment and management with SPEL solutions. We also offer sewage and grey water treatment solutions to deal with wastewater properly.

This commitment to being good stewards to the planet extends into everything we do. So, it was only natural that we’d look for more ways to be eco-friendly. We’ve taken on the role of educator and thought leader in our industry with environmentally responsible practices.

The Power of Solar

Though research and careful consideration, we also decided to seek alternative, clean power solutions.

Solar power is popular in Australia. Across the country, 15 percent of homes have solar panels, which is the highest percentage of any country. In South Australia, 25 percent of homes have solar panels, with 36 percent of the state’s electricity being from renewable resources. In the past 15 years, South Australia has installed more large-scale renewable capacity than any other state.

Interesting solar power facts

  • Only .3 percent of the world’s land area would be required to supply all electricity needs.
  • There is enough roof space in Australia to provide energy for the entire country with solar panels.
  • All the components in a solar panel can be recycled.
  • Solar power systems have 100 times better lifetime energy yield than fossil or nuclear energy system per tonne of mined materials.
  • The Earth receives more energy from the sun in an hour than is used across the globe each year.
  • In 1985, there were only 21 megawatts of annual photo-voltaic; in 2014, the figure was 40,000 megawatts.
  • Manufacturing solar cells produces 90 percent less pollutants than fossil fuel technologies.
  • Solar panels still work when it’s cloudy; the output is just less.
  • Silicon is the major component of a solar cell. It is the second most abundant element in the Earth’s crust after oxygen.

About the Allied Pumps system

Our new solar-powered generation system is currently being installed. For the past few weeks, there’s been a lot of activity above our heads as installers position the system on the roof. The installation is slated to be completed in two weeks.

These are some facts about the solar-powered system we chose:

  • 100kW total power
  • Powered by 294 panels (330w each)
  • Four 20kW state-of-the-art invertors
  • Expected to product 164,230kWh of clean energy per year
  • During the peak sunlight hours of 10am to 3pm, it will provide 100 percent of our energy usage
  • Over a 24 hour period, it will produce a total of 54 percent of our power requirements
  • During the weekends, we will be supplying power back in to the grid

Solar panels will allow us to use our facilities for at least five hours of the day without the use of any other energy source. We think that’s great for the planet, us and our customers.

For more information on our environmental solutions, please contact us today.

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