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Allied Pumps Helps Minimise Site Work and Enable Remote Control with Bore Headworks

February 21, 2018


Location : Pilbara, Western Australia


Reducing the amount of site work is critical in mining. When piping assemblies as well as electrical and control equipment can be on one small skid, this enables wiring and testing before departure. Using bore pumps, designed to be controllable using Variable Speed Drivers (VSDs) and included pump telemetry, allows for remote monitoring and control. Allied Pumps recently helped a client with bore headworks to minimise site work and enable remote monitoring and control.


The client came to us with several challenges, including a tight deadline. The relocatable bore head works had to be designed to continuous use at various sites for at least 20 years. They were also to be produced to be compliant with wind loading requirements, AS1170.2, for a wind region A4.

Six skid configurations were developed to account for variations in piping diameter, nominal flow and nominal power. The structure of the skid was steel to comply with specifications of the client. The skid was designed for rough levelled and compact soil. Welds with tensile lifting loads were full penetration with visual, ultrasonic and radiographic testing. All other welds were subject to visual inspection. The panel design accounted for heat dissipation, which is necessary to maintain all internal equipment within their respective parameters.


The initial design used by the client was too tight and compact, allowing little room to operate. The team at Allied Pumps redesigned the overall skid, inclusive of additions, with more space and improve operator usability. The new skid is built to allow for maintenance, transport and durability in the face of harsh conditions.

The skid offers clear access for maintenance, and all components were fitted within the skid for protection during transport. Overall size, tie down points and forklift pockets were specifically manufactured for efficiency and to safely load four units per semi-trailer. Lifting points, stowing bore cap pieces and the interconnection of mining hose were all resolved as well for safe transport.

The skids were designed to install around the open pit and quarry to drop the water table, enabling mining ore at multiple sites.


The client was stuck with equipment that had to be wired on-site. There were issues with loose parts. Allied Pumps delivered a plug-and-play system, unloadable in one single lift from the back of the truck. The Allied Pumps skids were also equipped with an improved level of radio telemetry which allows the client to monitor and control the skids from anywhere. The client has a holistic view of performance, which reduces maintenance. Previously, the client had been at less than 80% availability of large dewatering bore fields and is now near perfect.

We set up 20x Bore dewatering skids in the initial install in June 2017. After pre-installation, our test rig coordinator visited the site for final review and to resolve any issues.

Test Rig Coordinator Troy said, “The skids look incredible and everyone who has seen them is of the same opinion. Speaking to the electrical superintendent on site, the installers and anyone who has had anything to do with them has been a great experience and a big help in seeing what they look like on site and how they function.”

Allied Pumps is proud to offer mine dewatering solutions, customised to fit the needs and overcome the challenges of mining sites all across the country. To discuss your next project please contact us today.

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