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Birds of a Feather Flock Together

April 21, 2017


Location – William St, Northbridge, Western Australia


Good Fortune Roast Duck House is a modern Chinese restaurant nestled right in the heart of Northbridge surrounded by a bustling commercial district including restaurants, bars, businesses and shops. The inner city suburb is characterised by dense residential and commercial building construction featuring narrow laneways in order to maximise the limited space. While the bustling nature of the area is great for the local businesses, it is distinctly the opposite for construction and deliveries, creating complications that are simply unheard of in less dense locales.


Good Fortune was being constructed on a site that was very awkward for the contractors involved. There was limited access to the site resulting in logistic complications and challenges during deliveries and installation works.


The Commercial Plumber working on the Good Fortune redevelopment initially approached us over email to request a price quote for the project. They informed us about the limited access to the work site and expressed concerns about how it might be possible to deliver and install the waste water pump station concrete liner wet wells for the restaurant.

They further informed us that, aside from the physical constraints of delivering the waste water pumping station, there would be timing challenges as well. It turned out that the construction site was in an area where the surrounding businesses had chosen to restrict major deliveries to the weekends only, making it even more difficult to get everything into the Good Fortune site.


Without surveying the site for ourselves, it would have been difficult for us to come up with a viable solution to the problem at hand, so our first order of business was to visit the site with the client. We conducted a thorough inspection of the site, taking into account all possible access points. During this meeting, we also took measurements of everything for our reference and discussed with the client in detail exactly what equipment would need to be delivered. We discussed all of the possible options and restrictions to ensure that we had a full understanding of how everything would fit together.

We took the time to get in touch with various logistics companies in an attempt to come up with a solution. In the end, we were able to deliver the concrete pump station using a specialised vehicle. This vehicle had the ability to gain access to the site location, despite the inconvenient access, in order to get the pump as close to the intended installation location as possible. The transport vehicle was also equipped with a compact rear-mount crane, enabling us to safely lift the seven tonnes of concrete within the extremely confined space.


Working in conjunction with the client, we made arrangements to have the equipment delivered early on a Saturday morning. During the delivery process, timing was crucial, as the limited access time period would also be utilised for deliveries from other suppliers throughout the day. The early morning delivery time would also give us the maximum amount of time necessary to work with the equipment at the site. Our team was on hand personally to oversee everything and ensure that it all went according to plan.

In the end, we were safely able to manoeuvre the equipment into position within the confines of the environment and the tight time frame. Local businesses were unaffected, and our time and expense-saving operations will benefit the customer in both the near and more distant future.

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