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How a national facility required fast sewage treatment system and how we solved this problem

April 16, 2018


Location : Albany, Western Australia


The National Anzac Centre or “ANZAC Interpretive Centre”, conceived by the City of Albany along with the Federal and Western Australian governments, is a new national facility that commemorate the first departure of troops in World War I. This $10.6 million interpretive facility pays tribute to those that served their nation and tells the stories of the past through multimedia and interactive technology. The grand opening was to coincide with a weekend of events in Albany.


A bespoke sewage treatment system was required to successfully open the facility in order to handle peak flows and high traffic. From project initiation to delivery, the timeline was tight. The facility had to be operable for the pre-planned events.


Allied Pumps has a longstanding relationship with the project’s consultant. We were chosen to deliver the solution as a leader in delivering specialised designs in tight timeframes. We worked with the consultants and provided drawings and information to the Department of Health for approval. The treated water would be discharged to a designated dripper field, feeding the mulched plants. This was low risk but still had to meet quality standards. We investigated all septic systems available. There was only one that was the right fit. Based on experience and expertise, this technology was recommended. The technology allows for a variance in loads and has proven to be able to handle low power usage and shock loadings when required.


The solution was an Enviropac Treatment Plant specified design. The design had shock loading capabilities, varying periods and periods of low flow. The client requested manual and running costs of the sewage treatment plans. These were supplied in addition to schematic drawings, showing the low power usage and cost savings associated with an occasional operable system. The plan was approved. It was then designed and built to sit inside the constraints of a plant room and sized to fit within the double doors already installed. The general arrangement plan went through some revision to better utilise the space and overflow positions.



This solution included an Allied Pumps Commercial Sewage Treatment System and Polyethylene Tank Package. This was in addition to a Dual Diesel Fire Protection Pumpset and Variable Speed Pressure System Model for supplying potable water to the building.

The drafting team designed the system around the space constraints ensuring the right fit. The Project Manager was on site often and helped install the system. Commission of the system was on site. Our technicians traced a minor fault on the Variable Speed Treatment system which was rectified. The system was up and running again in no time.


From delivery to site, it was a quick turnaround. There was minimal downtime or site disruption. The system was running efficiently for the official opening on 1 November 2014. The Prime Ministers of Australia and New Zealand, along with the Premier of Western Australia, were in attendance. This was a successful project, and the client was very pleased.

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