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Case Studies

Island Point

June 2, 2016


Location : Island Point, Mandurah, Western Australia


Island Point near Mandurah is degrading due to devegetation of the coastal dunes and the 1994 construction of the Dawesville Channel which has increased tides on the estuary.

As a result, the City of Mandurah needed to coordinate a foreshore stabilisation scheme.


Specific areas of Island Point shoreline in Mandurah have become vulnerable to erosion caused by waves generated by strong easterly breezes.

The outcomes the client was looking for included:

  • A method of preventing the waves from eroding the shoreline, and
  • Preservation of the park lands.


In collaboration with the City of Mandurah set out to install 20m of floating wetlands in an area where erosion was most aggressive.

The objective was wave attenuation, which results in a reduction in the impact to the shoreline. The wetlands also accommodate hydroponically grown plants which increase the structural properties of the panels and assist with removal of pollutants.

The 2m x 4m modular panels were laid on the shoreline and linked together. The wetland vegetation was selected by the City of Mandurah and planting was completed in a few hours. The wetland was floated into the water and then anchored into position using adjustable cables and soil anchors. Installed in a single day, there was no impact to the environment or local community.

These new floating wetlands immediately impacted the wind waves with reduced impact to the shoreline. The panels are modular and the option of extending the attenuation area in the future is possible without high investment.

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