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Motive Apartments: Reducing the Costs, Maximising Reliability

May 19, 2017

Project : Motive Apartments

Location : Leederville, Western Australia


Newly completed in January 2017, the Motive apartment complex is a two tower development consisting of 143 one and two-bedroom residential units, each with multi-split air conditioning, recessed LED downlights, and a luxurious gourmet kitchen. The development is located in West Leederville, just minutes away from Perth CBD. It boasts resort-style facilities, including a 16-metre solar heated pool, sauna, bar area, games area, and fully equipped gymnasium. Providing a purpose built, complete water package pumping and treatment solution was a challenge we were excited to meet.


In many new buildings, there is a push to use a single basement tank and basement pumps pressuring all the way to the top of the apartment block. Whilst this method does certainly work and there are plenty of uses for it in the field, we recognised that there are better ways to service a set of apartments.


At Motive Apartments, a superior water supply was designed by the plumbing consultants. A small pump (3.6 L/[email protected] kpa fixed speed) and tank at the basement of the apartment’s transfers water to the rooftop tanks at a low flow, keeping the rooftop tank full.

A smaller, variable speed pump (6.5L sec @250kpa variable speed) supplies the top few floors, whilst the levels below are fed by gravity.

By using this configuration, the water supply system uses smaller pumps that run less often. A huge saving on the ongoing electricity supply.

But more importantly, with a roof top tank full of water at all times. Even during a power outage, the system can still supply the resident with water. Now that we have implemented this resourceful solution for Motive, the apartment owners have been able offer greater benefit to the residents.


At first glance, the system we installed might seem to represent an increased capital expenditure. However, it is actually very similar to the alternative option of using a single basement tank and basement pumps. Smaller pumps, simpler control logic, and reduced tank capacities all keep the initial costs on a par.


  • Reduced initial capital expenditure
  • Less power consumption
  • No high peak power draws from large pump starting
  • Water available during maintenance or power outage
  • Reduced water hammer
  • Lower levels of noise
  • Smoother pump operations, which means a longer pump life

We came up with a safe and resourceful, long term solution for the Motive apartment block. The system we installed is both cost effective and promotes sustainability in line with our ethos; water conservation is of paramount importance to us.

Allied Pumps came up with an innovative way to pump water in a brand new residential apartment complex in Perth. Our solution was both cost-effective and efficient, resulting in less overall power consumption for a similar initial expenditure. Our vision to safeguard our community by proving the most sustainable method, was more than met with Motive apartments.

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