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Pails Paled When The Pumps Came

May 19, 2017


Location : Mundijong, Western Australia


Mundella Foods in Mundijong, WA, is Western Australia’s premier dairy company. They have been producing award-winning yoghurts and cheeses since 1974. As providers of pot-set yoghurts, the company were looking to reinvent an industrial filling system and outdated production line. Mundella’s existing procedures of filling product containers was time consuming and labour intensive, and their machines took up limited factory space.


Allied Pumps was challenged to provide a food grade, fully compliant solution for the careful transfer of yoghurts and dairy products from vats, while maintaining constant and sensitive flow rates and meeting specific hygiene requirements.

Further challenges were presented because Mundella adhere to stringent packaging and sanitary guidelines. We also took into account that they are committed to playing their role in minimising their environmental impact with their manufacturing processes and the packaging they use.


Mundella were aware that we are a quality WA manufacturer and provider of purpose-built, complete water package pumping and treatment solutions. Allied Pumps reached out to Mundella when we became aware of an urgent need for a yoghurt pump. A representative at Allied Pumps was able to provide a more comprehensive solution and therefore we were engaged for the project.


We engineered and manufactured an innovative solution to an outdated processing line using a mobile Wilden pumping package.

Wilden pumps are a family of Air Operated Double Diaphragm pumps (AODD). AODD pumps are used within food manufacturing, especially where the liquid being pumped has a high solids content or high viscosity. As the inventor of the AODD pump in 1955, Wilden pumps remain an industry leader. These trustworthy pumps are:

  • Reliable, durable and efficient
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Offer maximum operational efficiency, superior flow rates, and volumetric consistency
  • Provide unparalleled excellence in customer satisfaction

Wilden’s premiere sanitary and biopharmaceutical pumps utilise the latest in flow engineering and feature a low air requirement. Their versatility ensures they are safe, high performing and an easy-to-maintain process equipment solution. The pump we used as part of our solution is designed for delicate product handling. It features a soft pumping action with low shear to maintain the high quality of the Mundella product.

Allied Pumps are the sole authorised distributor of these pumps in Western Australia.

We provided Mundella with a Wilden pumping package on a mobile purpose built trolley; the package is automated with a controller and sensor to operate the pump. Flow rates and air consumption are managed with the turn of a dial and fluids of high solid content are transferred effectively and efficiently.


Due to the automation and upgrading of Mundella’s processes, there was no downtime in switching over to the new process. The system was pre-programmed and tested in-house to ensure efficiency, eliminating onsite commissioning. The package was installed at Mundella, complete with the sensor level set up and calibrated to facilitate seamless operations.

Since installation, Mundella has made some changes to their pipework and processes to accommodate the increased efficiency when pumping the product, and they have installed eight new vats to feed the pump.

Everyone at Mundella is thrilled with the operation of the pump package. They have reported:

  • Time savings
  • Less product waste
  • Increase in production

The automated mobile package has provided the perfect answer to space constrains and productivity, improving the company’s profitability.

“We are very busy now; we are going flat out to keep up with orders and the business is increasing,” said a spokesperson for Mundella Foods.

Mundella intends using Allied Pumps again very soon as there is another pump they need which they will ask us to source for them. We look forward to helping Mundella again in the future.

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