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Supplier Discontent Opens Doors for Allied Pumps

June 26, 2017


Location : Pilbara, Western Australia


Rio Tinto was dissatisfied with their current generator manufacturer, who supplied trailer and skid mount generators for bore dewatering projects. Rio Tinto had a series of bad experiences involving service response times, product quality, and their lack of compliance with Rio Tinto’s standards.

The generators supplied by Rio Tinto’s manufacturer often accompanied an Allied Pumps headworks skid as part of the on-site package. They were installed by dewatering contractor, PIHA. Leaders in innovation and excellence in the field of pipeline engineering and construction, PIHA provides extensive project management and has worked in some of the most remote locations in the world.


Since Rio Tinto was already acquainted with our brand through use of our bore headworks packages, they were familiar with our quality of service, product, and the levels of compliance we successfully deliver.

When we put forward a proposal to supply Rio Tinto, not only with the headworks and the control panel, but the generator and the fuel tank as well, they were very interested. We proposed supplying a generator utilising a Volvo engine and Leroy Somer Alternator.


This project was an amalgamation of expertise to achieve a co-creation that met the client’s needs. Following negotiations, Rio Tinto engaged turnkey dewatering contractor, PIHA, to complete the works on-site using Allied Pumps as the equipment supplier of the headworks, control panels, generators and fuel tanks.

Upon award of the contract, Allied Pumps supplied three skid mounted and three trailer-mounted sets of equipment.

We commenced the design involving both PIHA and Rio Tinto, and involved them throughout the manufacture and assembly stage.

We arranged client witness testing of each assembly, fully arranged as if on-site, in an Allied Pumps test facility.

Finally, we went on to satisfactorily deliver the equipment on time and according to specification.


The generators, headworks, controllers, fuel tanks, trailers, and skids were all assembled at an Allied Pumps workshop. This allowed a high degree of control and surveillance during the manufacture, assembly, and testing periods.

PIHA was our client and the principal client of Rio Tinto. Maintaining assembly and testing at our workshop allowed them greater visibility throughout the process.

We provided Rio Tinto with weekly updates and facilitated regular visits from both PIHA and Rio Tinto to our facility to ensure fluid and open lines of communication were made available. We were able to make minor changes to the design to suit Rio Tinto’s requests throughout the process, greatly improving the efficiency of the design and revision stages, and increasing client buy-in and satisfaction with the end result.


The equipment is now operational and fully functional on-site.

Matt from MPC Group, who was on-site at HD4 when commissioning the generators and trailers for the Rio Tinto dewatering operations team, said in relation to the equipment and the project that Allied Pumps was “awesome” and the best they had ever to dealt with.

“It was a pleasure working with you and your team to supply the generators for this project,” said Jacob Martin from West Power. We take pride in being able to provide high quality, reliable power generation solutions to some of the most harsh and remote locations in Western Australia. Thank you Allied Pumps.”

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