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Case Studies

Vincent Street, Leederville – Stormwater Detention

June 6, 2016


Location : Leederville, Western Australia


The design engineer was presented with substantial difficulties in achieving sufficient detention for stormwater generated by a new development.

The site was constrained in size and the planned building left very little room to accommodate detention.

Other factors added to the difficulty – the system needed to withstand dynamic vehicle loads, be able to receive stormwater from a syphonic roof drainage system, fit in with fire services requiring a minimum burial depth, and sit close to the foundations of the new building without compromising its structural integrity.


Having worked with our stormwater technical consultant before, the client reached out for assistance on this project as he was, in his words, “keen to repeat the experience”.


We started with the client’s decision to use the SPEL HDPE Stormchamber system.

His research led him to this product, as it provided for every requirement – something he was unable to achieve with alternative technologies.

Once we had verified this decision, we then worked closely with our client to design a system that provided value engineering – an area of well-honed expertise that the team at Allied Pumps is passionate about.

The completed design employed a single line of SPEL HDPE Stormchambers with a high-level entry from the syphonic roof drainage system and a high-level exit to an Allied Pumps Packaged Stormwater Pump Station taking the specified flows to the Council stormwater drainage system (please contact us for system layout and syphonic entry details).

The ability of the SPEL Stormchamber system to take extreme vehicle loadings with only 450mm of cover was critical, as the groundwater table was high, restricting the excavation depth.As the HDPE material will cope with holes of up to 300mm diameter being cut into the chambers, the fire services were able to be passed through the chambers laterally, giving a practical solution to a seemingly impossible problem (please contact us for the specific fire service layout images).

Our stormwater technical consultant attended site to assist the client with implementing our solution at all three stages of the project- prior to installation, during the works process, and immediately prior to completion.

This gave our client assurance and helped ensure a long-term detention system for his client.

We also increase our knowledge and experience by being involved at this level, as we can constantly assess the real-life challenges our clients face, and monitor the level of success achieved by our diagnoses and solutions.


Our client derived real satisfaction from the completion of this project, on time and on budget.

Every requirement of the challenging project was met or exceeded and he has handed over a system that will stand the test of time, including the important factor of long-term resistance to clogging and blinding of the infiltration bed, as the SPEL Stormchamber system does not rely on geofabric to stabilise the stone infiltration bed.

Geofabric is, however, effectively used around the perimeter and over the top of the system to prevent fine sediment from clogging the stone backfill.

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