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Choosing the right water storage tank for your needs

August 28 2018

Large storage tanks are essential to many Australian businesses, especially in the industrial and agricultural sectors. But they are not the only ones requiring large amounts of water at mission critical times. Packaged fire pump sets also require a water storage tank as they are not allowed to draw water directly from mains water, the same is also the case for buildings over a certain height. As water pressure is lowered by the water authorities we are seeing more requirements for water storage tanks in buildings over a certain height (currently 6 stories or more) whereby water can be stored before being pumped at pressure to the top of the building which allows gravity to take over in the supply of water to apartments, hotels and other multi-story buildings.


When selecting a storage tank, it is essential to understand the needs of your business. You cannot look at a similar project and say, “I’ll have one of those” because your needs may differ considerably.

For example: Fiona Stanley Hospital required 24-48 hours of crisis water, so Allied Pumps provided 3 x 360KL and 1 x 600 KL Premier Rectangular GRP Sectional Panel Tanks. Collectively these tanks hold 1.68 million litres of water.

The reason the Premier Rectangular GRP Sectional Panel Tanks was chosen for this project was a simple one – they are the best option to keep water clean.  Manufactured and constructed with a smooth inner and outer surface ensures there can be no algae or bacterial growth inside the tanks. Essential if you are storing water for mission critical applications such as keeping a hospital running.

Consider the location of your storage tank

Allied Pumps was approached by a client who needed both potable water and fire water storage tanks for a harsh coastal location. The storage tanks needed to withstand not only corrosion from salt, but they were to be situated in the middle of a Bureau of Meteorology category 5 cyclone region. In completing this project, we needed to find heavy duty non-standard materials which then had to be coated with special epoxy treatments to prevent corrosion, and find cyclonic rated roof fixings. Not only did we have to meet all Australian Standards, everything we supplied also needed to be suitable for the mining industry.  Read more 

Not all tanks are created equal

At Allied Pumps we understand the challenging conditions facing our equipment and storage tanks are no exception. We build our tanks to all relevant Australian Standards; however, we don’t just build to current standards we also build to exceed our client’s expectations.

We are very proud to have our name on our products knowing they will last significantly longer than tanks built with lesser quality materials. Longer life, and better-quality materials usually means less servicing issues as well. And it’s not just the tanks we build to such exacting specifications, we also use quality liners as well.

Low maintenance and cost-effective, Allied Pumps’ tank liners are manufactured from high-grade PVC material here in Australia and can increase tank service life to over 50 years. Our tank liner packages are certified to Australian Fire Tank Standards AS 2304-2011 for fire tanks and AS 3500 for potable water tanks.

What’s not to like!

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