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Choosing the Right Water Treatment Supplier

June 23 2017

Finding a treatment supplier is a big task for any project, and it’s important that it is done right. Safe water treatment is essential for environment and for the ecosystem, but if you don’t know where to start, choosing the right supplier can be hard. Here are our tips on how to get it right.

Consider the established standards and regulations

Firstly, it’s really important to take local laws into account. These include the national Australian Standards as well as any requirements that local governments have put into place. You may not be aware of these yourself, but your supplier absolutely should be. Look for some indication that they are compliant with these standards, and if you aren’t sure, ask them yourself. Some things to check for include ISO 9001 certification, including WaterMark, and an understanding of the risks and hazards associated with water treatment solutions.

Go custom-built

When you have a project in mind, it’s important that the systems fit the job. The best fit will be a treatment supplier that is willing to work with you to create something purpose-built. The solution should also be a complete package. The last thing you want is something that will only gets you so far before you have to spend more money on developing it. Your supplier should have a system designer who will work with you to create a package that fits your needs. Make sure they cover everything and you don’t need to bring in other suppliers.

Consider turnkey

A turnkey package will normally be an easier option for you as the customer. It will mean less hassle when it comes to installing the system on site as well as finding any additional parts that may be needed. You will also be able to avoid hidden installation fees. On this point, you should also be sure to find out pricing for everything upfront.

Assess overall costs

Remember, your expenses will not end with the installation – which is why you need to work with a supplier who will keep overall costs down for you. They should be providing you with solutions which will be reliable for a long time and will represent a good return on investment for you. Where possible, you will also want to use more cost effective treatment solutions so that you are not spending more and more money on treatment without enough return. When it comes to maintenance and troubleshooting, you will also want them to use simple systems so that your operators can take care of everything themselves.

Look at experience

An experienced supplier is a must. See how long they have been in business, and what kind of client testimonials they may have. You may even see about getting in touch with clients they have worked with in the past yourself for a referral.

Using these criteria, we think you should be able to narrow your search down to the most suitable treatment supplier in your area.

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