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Corporate Video Launch – January 2018

January 29 2018

Serving the mining, commercial, industrial and environmental industries, Allied Pumps has been providing complete turnkey water storage facilities for 30 years. We wanted to show how the company is fully equipped to cater for the engineering of any water pumping, storage or treatment project, no matter the scale or environment.


Sometimes, say Allied Pumps, their highly-skilled engineers solve a challenge and achieve a result that their client never even thought possible.

“Our unique proposition is to co-create with our clients,” explains Gavin Slack, Managing Director at Allied Pumps. “We’re taking not just standardised products and services, but we actually have the ability to move into our client’s position, understand their challenges and situations, and work through a design, production and testing commission process with them. So we’re tailoring the product to their need – and coming up with the right solution for them.”

Whether it’s potable water which needs to be stored for future use, or waste water for recycling or treatment, Allied Pumps pride themselves in their innovative approach to each job. They have an extensive range of above and below-ground liquid storage tanks and their tanks can be engineered to suit specific requirements and configurations. Allied Pumps design their tanks for functionality, easy maintenance, and to be environmentally responsible. Available in round or rectangular shapes, their heavy gauge galvanised steel tanks are designed to handle jobs of any size and to comply with Australia’s highest safety standards.

A Team You Can Trust 

We wanted to show a glimpse of the scale of the water tanks, hydraulic pumping systems, and the state of the art equipment at Allied Pumps. The shelves at the facility are kept well-stocked with replacement pumps and spare parts so they can be readily available for clients, and promptly delivered to their sites, making Allied Pumps a one-stop-shop for all pumping, storage and water treatment needs.

Forward-thinking and mindful of sustainability and environmental responsibility, the message is that the key to future success is in continuing improvement. “We can’t just stay still when we are talking about the water space; it’s a dynamic marketplace with dynamic uses and applications. So, we really need to stay relevant, increase efficiency of use and develop sustainable applications,” concludes Slack.

Allied Pumps say their priorities are safety, reliability, accessibility, sustainability and security. These values are plain to see in the in the office, in the warehouse and workshop, and when working on-site, as the team go about their business finding and developing new ways to store, pump and treat water and liquid under any conditions.

A company known nationally and internationally, the breadth of Allied Pumps offering is unique in the marketplace. To see the talented team at work demonstrating their industry knowledge, CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE VIDEO. 

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