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Newman Women’s Shelter – Emergency Food Box Launch

October 6 2020

As a local WA owned business, Allied Pumps knows the importance of supporting the local community, especially those in need during the current climate. As such, Allied Pumps have been a proud supporter of the Rapid Relief Team and contributed to many projects including; the Drought Relief project, where over 12,000 bales of hay were donated to farmers in need, and the recent bushfire appeal that helped support both the personnel on the front line and those who were impacted


One of the latest projects that have been initiated by the Rapid Relief Team is the creation and distribution of food boxes to those in crisis. The food boxes contain non-perishable, long-life food that are donated to people in need world-wide. Since its inception over 22,000 of these food boxes have already been donated globally to people impacted by COVID-19 alone!

On the 16th of September, Allied Pumps launched an initiative with The Rapid Relief Team at the Newman Women Shelter. A shelter that provides a safe refuge for women and children affected by family and domestic violence and homelessness in THE Pilbara region. They also support women and their families to break the cycle of family and domestic violence and associated homelessness through holistic support, empowerment and motivation to rebuild their lives.

Allied Pumps back the amazing work of the shelter and offer their wholehearted support during this time. At an event held at the Newman shelter attended by local Government Officials, the Police Force and Martu Aboriginal Elders, Allied Pumps donated 40 Food boxes to the shelter with an additional 10 donated by the Rapid Relief Fund. This is part of an ongoing partnership where these invaluable boxes will be donated monthly to be distributed to the Pilbara region.


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