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Floating Vegetated Islands Protect Peel

June 29 2016

An Allied Pumps’ 20 metre line of fertile wetland was recently installed in the Peel estuary north of Island Point Reserve and featured in the Mandurah Mail.

The estuary area is prone to erosion and suffered storm damage in recent years.

The islands are a natural filtration and biological treatment system that assists in the reduction of waves while improving water quality and providing a haven for both terrestrial and marine wildlife.

The SPEL Floating Treatment Wetlands installation was assisted by The City’s Environmental Services team, the Natural Areas crew and the Green Army.

Mandurah Mayor Marina Vergone was pleased with the outcome and hopes similar considerations would be made in the future.

“This is creative, new technology that the Environment team is trialling in this area, and are testing to see if they will be best practise in terms of erosion management for the future.”

To find out more about the solution provided to the City of Mandurah, please find the Case Study here or contact our Environmental Sales Team on 08 9350 1000.

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