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Focus on Temperature Management Systems

May 11 2021

High-quality, reliable temperature management systems are vital when it comes to making water safe in instances where it is intended for human consumption or contact, or even where there is a chance of vapor inhalation. However, it is just as vital that the water is stored correctly to prevent any deterioration in quality.

In this blog, we examine the TEMPCON Water Storage Temperature Management System. As a case study, we take a look at how this system was used on the Karratha Health Campus in Western Australia to keep stored water cool in hot climates while achieving maximum cost efficiency.

The TEMPCON System: How It Works

The TEMPCON system is built to comply with AS3500 and is used to control the temperature of stored water in both potable and raw water applications.

Designed as a high-energy, efficient water storage solution with water storage tanks, the TEMPCON system employs a combination of temperature management methods depending on the specifics of the application. These methods include tank and pipework insulation, destratification, shading, and water chillers, among others.

An even temperature is maintained throughout the body of water by carefully positioned circulation connection points, and the system is controlled by a series of highly precise multipoint temperature sensors.

Some applications to which the TEMPCON system is suited to include hospitals and healthcare centers, mine sites and accommodation villages, and defence bases and commercial facilities in areas with high ambient temperatures.

These systems can be configured to include features such as insulated roofs, cyclone-rated storage tanks, and air circulation to reduce condensation. They are also available in a range of colors and can be retrofitted to existing systems.

CASE STUDY: Forward Works, Karratha Health Centre

The city of Karratha Health is located in the Pilbara Region of Western Australia. The Karratha Health center was commissioned to replace the outdated Nickol Bay Hospital and local community health centers, providing medical care to the city’s growing population. The largest health infrastructure investment in regional WA’s history, the KHC was designed to withstand the extreme climate of the Pilbara region.

Background and Planning

Once Allied Pumps were awarded the contract, we worked closely with the client to establish the requirements demanded by a state-of-the-art health facility in relative isolation and an unforgiving natural landscape. As this had to be potable water, the requirements of the project were especially stringent.

Engineering, Design and Final Product

The final configuration featured a combination of poly and stainless-steel pipes and nozzles to ensure consistently high quality of stored water, and corrosion-resistant storage tanks were engineered to withstand cyclonic category D winds. The TEMPCON system was crucial in maintaining an even temperature throughout the water body despite the region’s high ambient temperatures.

Why Choose Allied Pumps?

Allied Pumps are the leading supplier of complete water treatment systems and storage solutions to mining, port facilities, and commercial industries throughout the region and Australia at large. Our extensive and innovative product range and unwavering commitment to customer service have formed the bedrock of our reputation for long-term, cost-effective solutions.

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