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How Innovations Are Helping Our Clients

September 20 2017

Innovation is what drives progress. New ideas and the ability to implement them successfully are essential for bringing new products and services to the marketplace and improving existing ones. They also modernise and streamline processes to improve efficiency and save clients money.

This is why Allied Pumps fosters an innovative culture, encouraging employees to challenge traditional thinking and utilise their creative talents to produce new ideas. As a result of this, we’ve established a highly talented, forward-thinking team who are pushing the boundaries of possibility to drive change within our industry. Here we share and celebrate some of their recent achievements with you.

Electrical Engineering

The manufacture of our Hydrokos control units has undergone an improvement, thanks to our talented in-house electrical engineer Jonathan. Jonathan has found a way to increase productivity tenfold by making an innovative improvement to our standard electrical drawing process.

He identified that pumps and other equipment could be included in, or excluded from, the wiring schematic – this has enabled the drawings to be configured without the use of AutoCAD and reduced the need for over 60 drawings to just five.

Following on from this discovery, Jonathan is now finding ways for it to be implemented across our other products.

Press-Fit Pipework

At Allied Pumps, we are dedicated to finding ways to pass time savings onto our clients while continuously improving the quality of our output. Our Press-Fit Pipework is one example of how we are achieving these goals and driving progress within our industry.

We are now using Press-Fit Pipework in all of our pumping and treatment systems. Made from stainless steel, it is cheaper than the traditional copper piping, with the added advantages of being much more durable and able to withstand far higher temperatures. It’s also lightweight and more hygienic – reducing risks associated with OH&S. As it requires no welding or glue, it’s far easier to install.

Using Press-Fit Pipework has vastly improved the fitting process as we use custom manifolds, which are pre-manufactured in different sizes. These can then be cut to the required length, inserted into the fitting and crimped for additional mechanical strength. It is then pressure-sealed using an O-ring.

The real beauty of this innovation is that pipework can now be trial assembled before securing, which avoids the need for any reworking. Our clients can now enjoy a lower-cost, more efficient, stronger product that will last a lifetime.


Allied Pumps is once again leading the way in the latest industry smart technology. We recently introduced our Hydrokos 15 pump controller, engineered for variable speed pressure systems.

This innovative pro-face touch display system operates via a 7.5” LCD touch screen, which gives the operator an efficient and intuitive way to navigate the system’s functions. The display provides a clear view of the system’s current status, incorporating boost, low flow and low level functionality for improved equipment protection. It also allows for online tuning of the parameters of the system.

The Hydrokos 15 is packaged with a set configuration of pumps, which it controls using information from the main analogue sensor and other sensors, depending on the required configuration. The system is designed to function with Schneider Electric variable speed drives and communicates via Modbus.

Following the success of this product, our talented team are now developing a fixed-speed pro-face as well, enabling us to make vast improvements to all water treatment systems by offering the benefits of automated pump operation.

Celebrating Our Creative Talent

We continuously strive to improve efficiency and productivity by identifying innovative new business processes and ways to utilise the latest available technology. By building a strong creative culture, and allocating resources that enable our team to bring their ideas to fruition, we are making great advancements within our industry, and passing the benefits on to our clients. Contact us today for more information.

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