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Introducing Allied Pumps’ NODEM Remote Monitoring

June 7 2021

As one of Australia’s leading experts in water solutions and most trusted suppliers of package pump systems, storage, and treatment equipment, we pride ourselves on providing custom-built, state-of-the-art equipment that your business can rely on.

In this blog, we present our NODEM remote monitoring systems. We explain how these systems can offer you the ability to virtually monitor and control the full range of Allied Pumps products, from sewage treatment systems to fire pumps and hot water circulation systems.

Having remote access to your systems means your business saves time and money due the reduced frequency of travel for troubleshooting and repair. It can also help to ensure the safety of your team, as a great deal of maintenance work can be performed without them ever having to physically touch the systems.

How NODEM Remote Monitoring Works

NODEM uses cloud-based SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) technology to remotely gather data from one or multiple systems and relay it in real time to a given device such as a computer, tablet, or smartphone. This technology is available in standard bundles or can be configured to customer specifications.

Remote Monitoring Function

The NODEM system logs data including pressure, flow rate, volumetric usage, and temperature levels (depending on the system type), which can be monitored via the remote device. NODEM will register events constituting any significant departure from trends, such as over pressure, low flow, or system faults, and send a warning notification to the user. Setpoints can be changed remotely to trigger warnings and alarms.

Remote Control Function 

The systems can be monitored and controlled remotely by the client or our team of qualified technicians. The user can easily control a number of system functions via their device, enabling them to perform many operations that would otherwise necessitate costly and time-consuming site visits. Commands such as starting/stopping pumps, adjusting system settings and the option to control valve operations can be carried out remotely.

What are the Benefits of Remote Monitoring?

TROUBLESHOOTING: The ability to remotely control your water systems can greatly reduce the costs incurred when a technician has to travel to manually perform troubleshooting on a given device. Remote operators can safely and accurately guide local technicians on troubleshooting.

REDUCED DOWNTIME: Close monitoring of system function paired with automated warnings results in reduced downtime as technicians are able to anticipate potential problems and take preventative measures before any complications occur.

RISK AVOIDANCE: In addition to the cost benefits, remote monitoring and control can reduce or eliminate the risk to personal safety when technicians are required to physically perform monitoring, maintenance, and repair.

Why Should You Choose Allied Pumps?

Based in Western Australia and committed to sustainable, environmentally friendly practices, Allied Pumps have built our reputation as the leading supplier of state-of-the-art pumps and water systems to commercial industries and port facilities throughout the region.

We stock an extensive product range and all our products are built to meet the highest standards of engineering and reliability. We have a team of highly experienced technicians who are qualified to all applicable standards.

Our expert local knowledge, innovative product range, and unwavering approach to customer service have made us the supplier of choice for industry professionals around Australia.

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