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It’s all a bit fishy…

November 21 2016

The seafood industry has been presented with many challenges regarding its waste disposal. There are MARPOL regulations to consider, the question of how to efficiently deal with tough waste with minimal impact on equipment as well as cost efficiency of waste disposal.

Seafood Processing and at-sea processing ships can produce waste with numerous tough solids, such as large marlin carcasses, dhufish heads, snapper heads and large swordfish. When being disposed of in the ocean, this waste must be ground down to below ½” to meet MARPOL food waste disposal requirements. For seafood processing plants, these solids can clog pumps and create other problems in production.

With a need to better dispose of seafood waste and a growing consideration for the environment, JWC Environmental have found a way for companies to meet the standards while achieving a higher level of efficiency. The Muffin Monster’s industrial dual-shafted grinders, can be used to grind up fish and seafood waste as well as other debris to a small particle size to protect pumps and other process equipment while meeting MARPOL food waste disposal size requirements. Grinding can also be used to reduce the volume of waste and minimize transportation costs. The Muffin Monster, along with JWC’s SHRED and HYDRO industrial grinders ensure seafood waste is managed efficiently. The benefits include:

  • Effectively removes process water from larger solids
  • Reduce waste volume to minimize transportation costs
  • Protect downstream equipment from tough solids
  • Comply with MARPOL food waste disposal requirements
  • Reduce maintenance costs and downtime, grind even rocks, or fish hooks without jamming
  • Adapts to most applications with little or no modification to piping, channel, or power

As sole distributors of JWC Environmental’s extensive range of Muffin Monster® systems, Allied Pumps has the ability to provide cost-effective and highly efficient Packaged Pumping solutions for municipal, industrial, healthcare, correctional, airports and other industries where high volume waste water solutions are needed. Please contact us to learn more about how we can address your specific need or challenge.

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