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Case Studies

Landmark Project: Busselton Interpretive Centre, Busselton Jetty

July 25 2018

The striking boat-shed style centre, built 50 metres offshore was opened in April 2001 and showcases the jetty’s rich history and is a major tourist attraction.

In May 2000, we supplied a sewage pump station to hang under the jetty, servicing the facilities at the interpretive centre located on the jetty itself.

The sewage pump station is constructed from 316 stainless steel and epoxy coated for additional protection. It is suspended by heavy duty stainless steel rods and 18 years later, as the photographs from April 2018 show, the station is in good condition and has enabled the centre to function all these years!!

Underwater Observatory

At 1.7km out to sea, the Underwater Observatory at the end of the Busselton Jetty is one of only five underwater observatories in the world.

What you don’t see when you descend the 8 metres beneath the water’s surface is an essential part of the centre – if rarely talked about – is one of our concrete pump stations, collecting any of the water ingress and discharging it 1.6km back to shore.

Allied Pumps also supplied a sewer pump station for this Underwater Observatory Centre and is similar to the one we provided in 2000 at the Interpretive Centre.

More recently we supplied pump stations for the on-shore discovery centre and these are looking good also!

At Allied Pumps we are always proud to see our pumping stations still working hard as the day they were installed and it is good to see the long-term benefit of a high quality, robust product resulting in a long relationship with the client! Would you like to know more about our products? Please contact us today.

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