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October 30 2017

Allied Pumps offers filters to combat commercial laundry fibre discharge

A concern and challenge for commercial and industrial organisations is the continued and uncontrollable discharge of lint and fibre into the domestic sewer system.  A study found that each garment released up to 2 g of microfibres in a single wash, equivalent to more than 0.3% of the item’s mass. Compounded across residential and commercial facilities, lint discharge is a huge problem, and one that is rarely discussed. It can cause sewer line damage and the risk of being non-compliant. It can lead to costly repairs to the sewer lines, pump stations or treatment plants.


The Allied Pumps’ Packaged Lint Filter Unit is designed for the removal of lint and solids prior to discharge of wastewater to sewer. Lint and solids are removed by the use of special multi plate filter systems supported on a frame assembly. This superior bio-filter has been proven to separate the solids as well as reducing BOD in wastewater before being discharged.

The filter removes up to 90 percent of the solids from the effluent with solids greater than 0.79mm removed from the waste water stream. Each filter can handle flows of up to 10,000 litres per day with a peak flow of 28 litres per minute. Multiple filters may be installed in manifolds to achieve larger flow.

The Allied Pumps Lint Filter Unit provides a complete package configuration, including pit (concrete or fibreglass), cover, internals, pipe connection and accessories to simplify installation and climate potential for site assembly error.

The filter’s key features include a system made of non-corrosive materials. Installation is easy. It also can include an optional high level alarm.


Allied Pumps worked on a $5 million project to revitalise an old aged care facility in Bentley, creating a modern facility that was capable of delivering care for those in Western Australia requiring occupational therapy and physiotherapy post hospitalisation.

The busy healthcare environment with its large turnover of laundry alongside other services available on campus meant there was likely to be a high volume of lint and solids running through the waste water system. The installation of the filter ensure the healthcare facility met all water corporation standards for the protection of the sewage infrastructure.

The client had a tight time line and the lint filter unit needed to be installed on time. As soon as the order was placed, fabrication of the Lint Filter Unit began. The total turnaround from order to delivery was eight working days, and the system was installed on the same day. Meeting the clients tight time frame ensured the project could move ahead on schedule.

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