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Lunch and Learn with Allied Pumps

June 5 2018

During May we extended an invitation to a number of local fire compliance engineers to our AS2941 Fire and Water Storage Tanks Compliance presentation.

As you can imagine, having a Fire Pump Set that complies with strict regulations for their manufacture is essential. One of the ironies in building a custom fire pumpset for our clients is – we hope it will never have to be used. So, you may be wondering why we bother to build them to such a high standard and specification.

We do it of course because we would never compromise on safety. It is vital that our fire pumpsets work when they need to. Like all insurance policies – you pay the premium and hope you never have to make a claim. We build fire pumpsets for the same kinds of reason.

Inviting fire compliance engineers to our recent Lunch and Learn we were able to highlight the differences between what a good fire pumpset looks like and ones that do not meet the standard. When shown side by side it becomes apparent very quickly why we insist on following the regulations – lives are at stake.

The lunch and learn is also an opportunity to ask questions and discuss the ramifications of non-compliance.

Walk Through Production:

Here at Allied Pumps we are proud of our products and the team that works together to take an order through specification, manufacture and delivery to the client ready for commissioning on site. Consequently, we are always open to showcase the work that we do.

Our visitors are able to see firsthand what we are working on and we prove that we do what we say we are going to do and meet the highest standards – every time.

Client witness testing is an important part of our processes and is proof positive that our products perform to maximum capacity under rigorous test conditions. While testing may not be underway during our walk-through production, our visitors can ask any number of technical questions, take photographs of the items that are in production and those that are ready for dispatch (and we have to admit they are photogenic). The buffet lunch in our courtyard that follows the presentation and walk through production is a great opportunity to meet the team and of course ask any additional questions they may have.

If you think you and your team would benefit from attending a Lunch and Learn session here at our premises in Canning Vale we would love to hear from you. Get in touch today to book your Lunch and Learn session at Allied Pumps.

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