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Mining: A Boom for WA

June 27 2018

With the demand for Western Australia’s minerals and resources growing, we must be able to move quickly to meet our client’s needs. Thankfully, not only are we headquartered in Western Australia, we are close to all the major road and rail networks allowing for the fast delivery of our products to site. And by stocking extensive product ranges our clients know we can deliver on time, every time.

While we must move quickly, we never compromise on the quality and the why is simple. We understand the unique conditions that make up this large state – whether it is ensuring our tanks can withstand cyclonic conditions or the temperatures that could compromise inferior products. It is because we manufacture to the highest standard of engineering and reliability in accordance with ISO 9001: 2008 we provide peace of mind even in the toughest of conditions.


The collective experience and knowledge enjoyed by Allied Pumps ensures that we can meet exacting requirements, and we do so without compromising on quality of the finished product. This was even more important when a client came to us with a tight deadline and a challenge. Could we produce 20 relocatable bore head works for mine dewatering, last for a minimum of 20 years and be compliant with wind loading requirements AS1170.2, for a wind region A4?

Not only were we able to meet those challenges, the team also produced 6 plug and play skid variations. Creating a skid that could accommodate all the piping assemblies as well as electrical and control equipment meant that all wiring and tested could be completed before departure. The single skid assembly also met another significant requirement, could they be unloaded in a single lift from the back of a truck? The ability to plug and play made it easy to minimse site works and each skid assembly could be moved quickly and easily.

With in-house technical expertise we were able to co-create with the client a customised skid design. The skid design needed to take into consideration the requirement to improve operator usability while providing ease of use for maintenance and durability in very harsh conditions.

Gearing up for production:

Part of the success of the project and to offer our clients the best possible solution, Allied Pumps also manufacture a range of pump starter and control panels in-house, including telemetry and SCADA systems.

Our in-house production facilities and extensive stock holdings ensure we have the capacity to manufacture what is required. Taking into account the number of bore pump and headworks packages that were required it was essential that our processes and procedures were rigorously adhered to by the production team, and in doing so we were able to meet the deadline.

Moving water; whether it be below or above ground, is an integral part of every mining operation. With more than 30 years’ experience facilitating the industry, Allied Pumps are at the forefront of innovative water management solutions. To discuss your water management needs please contact us today.

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