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Product Focus – The Baffle Box

March 22 2017

In a nutshell, the Baffle Box is an environmental unit installed along a stormwater system that discharges into lakes, rivers or ponds.

The primary functionality of the unit is broken down into 2 focus points:

  •  Capturing nutrient rich vegetation and rubbish
  •  Capturing sediment in the water

Basically, as it rains and large volumes of water rush down the pipes the little steel cage inside acts like a sieve collecting all the nasties before they pollute the rivers and streams. The unit will have a “view roof” to identify its capacity for removal and cleaning when full.

The current project Aaron and Ross are working on, Lake Mabel Talbot, is classed as a conservation category wetland under the Environment Protection policy and functions as a Water Corporation compensating basin. City of Subiaco wanted to install a Gross Pollutant Trap (GPT) at the northern end of Mabel Talbot Park to treat stormwater prior to entering Lake Mabel Talbot.  The lake collects rainfall runoff from four sub-catchments, totalling 300 ha and the GPT need to treat the entire flow prior to entering the system and the Baffle Box was the only system to appropriately meet the design criteria.

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