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Pump Repairs: Good as new? We like to think they are better than new!

March 21 2019

In a perfect world, your pumps would work perfectly all the time. No servicing, no maintenance, no TLC, just go and go forever. Just think how much we would save on servicing our cars and evap air conditioning units if that were the case. But that of course is pure fantasy.

Here at Allied Pumps we choose pumps that are renowned for their robustness, length of service life and ease of maintenance. But, that is not the whole story, because we also know they will be going into service life within very tough industries, so they need to be all of the above – and then some, as there are many curve balls yet to be thrown at them.

One of our clients came to us for their dewatering bore pumps. These bore pumps are some of the best in the industry, but the water they were pumping contained iron producing bacteria that causes the pump to clog up with iron oxide. As a result, the bore pumps have to be removed on a regular basis and cleaned.

We ask our pumps to pump abrasive substances and chemicals that can chew through materials like a hot knife through butter, so we have to understand what needs to be pumped so we can provide the best possible solution to the problem. But even then, things stop working – even with regular maintenance and servicing.

Why a 2nd Opinion Can Save You Money

An organisation came to Allied Pumps for a second opinion on one of their motors. It had stopped working and was told by one of the maintenance / service companies they had dealt with prior that the motor needed replacing. Because it was a costly decision, the company asked Allied Pumps to take a look.

One of our senior service technicians attended site and was able to diagnose and fix the problem – saving the company not only money, but excessive down time. While we can’t always perform miracles, our service technicians follow a strict set of protocols and we advise based on extensive experience the best possible outcome. In this case, the problem could be fixed on site at a fraction of the cost of replacing the motor.

Why replace when you can fix!

If the pump cannot be fixed on site, it can be shipped to our fully equipped workshop. With experienced technicians on hand, they can determine the likelihood of whether the pump can be repaired and the cost for doing so.  While it may not be economically feasible for some pumps to be repaired, our technicians will provide a detailed report outlining the options.

Once a decision has been made to fix, the components are stripped and cleaned. Parts that need to be replaced – are, then the pump is reassembled. Once this has been completed the pump and motor are repainted before pressure testing is undertaken. Once Factory Acceptance Testing is completed, the pump is then delivered back to site for re-commissioning.

Good as new?

We like to think they are better than new.Our Technical Service Division offers in-house and onsite pump repair services, including work on remote sites, providing scheduled maintenance and site surveys.You are supported by our highly-qualified Service Technicians, our fully equipped, mobile service vehicles and our state-of-the-art workshop facilities.With one of the largest range of replacement pumps and spare parts stocked in our warehouses across WA we aim to reduce any impact to your operations to a minimum.If you have any questions about pump issues, feel free to contact us.

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