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Solving disposal issues in Healthcare

November 21 2016

Healthcare facilities face the worldwide problem of proper disposal of fibrous materials like wipes, diapers, rags and other solids. While these materials are supposed to be put in the trash rather than flushed down the sewer, controlling this is not always feasible. When these solids end up in the sewer line, they frequently clog lines and pumps at lift stations, creating challenges for municipal sewer agencies managing the labor and costs associated with unclogging sewer pumps.

One such healthcare facility, a combination long-term care and rehabilitation center, faced this very problem head on when they received a notice from the local sewer agency that the facility must cease discharging debris into the publicly owned sewer system. Both the agency and the facility spent several months discussing the issues and eventually decided to bring in a consultant to develop a collaborative solution. The situation was rectified by installing two Monster sewer grinders from JWC Environmental (JWCE).

The JWCE HYDRO Grinder has two rows of sharp, steel cutters that rotate slowly and at high-torque. The two shafts of the shredder rotate at different speeds. This allows the two intermeshing steel cutters to act like a pair of scissors, effectively cutting up any solids into tiny particles that flow smoothly into and through the main sewer line without clogging the equipment. In this case, the JWCE Grinders have been installed for eight months and have worked flawlessly.

Every case is different – in some cases, like this one, the company was facing expensive legal fees and fines. In other situations, where there are actual sewage backups, healthcare facilities can face potential expenses including clean-up costs, downtime, health inspections, management meetings and more. A JWCE grinder is a cost effective, pro-active solution that enables healthcare facilities to avoid these pitfalls.

As sole distributors of JWC Environmental’s extensive range of Muffin Monster® systems in Western Australia, Allied Pumps has the ability to provide cost-effective and highly efficient Packaged Pumping solutions for industries where high volume wastewater solutions are needed.

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