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Sustaining Growth: Relationships and Opportunities

November 14 2017

At Allied Pumps, we’re happy to say that much of our success is due to the relationships we’ve built over the years. These relationships include customers, stakeholders and suppliers. We define all these relationships as partnerships because we all depend on each other to succeed. We collaborate with our customers to understand their specific needs and any requirements or limitations. This helps us present specialised solutions.

We’re also happy to say that many of our relationships are longstanding. We’ve built them and maintain them. Serving the customer doesn’t end after the contract is signed, the project, designed, or even after it’s installed.

In previous posts, we talked about our product capabilities and our contributions to various industries delivering high quality solutions. Our project cycle runs from design to delivery. It involves the support of operations and client management strategies. This ensures clients receive the best possible result. It includes:

  • Development of product specification
  • Ideation and creation of product concepts
  • Concept drawings and design
  • Preliminary product mechanical and electrical engineering
  • Material specification and pre-order QC
  • Fabrication, production and electrical work
  • System fit out and wiring
  • Pre-testing, including hydro testing, checklist and manufacturing QC
  • Product engineering and FEA (Finite Element analysis)
  • Prototype development and preliminary testing
  • Engineering and tool design
  • Tool making and special machinery, outsourced to select partner manufacturers
  • Initial tool and machinery trials
  • Final testing and part modifications
  • Final trials
  • Final part approval, project documentation and process validation
  • Volume production and added value post processing
  • Witness testing, storage and delivery

We also offer accurate scheduling, quality manufacturing and resourcing from a large stock and parts holding for fabrication.

How We Can Help You

We’re available and responsive. We communicate regularly through phone, email, regular meetings and status reports. When decisions need to be made and problems need to be solved, we are in touch with our clients to continue the project and meet deadlines. Keeping everyone involved apprised of the current situation is critical for any project. It helps the project stay on track as well as allowing for setting and managing expectations.

We anticipate what could happen. Our expertise and experience allows us to foresee most challenges and address them proactively so they don’t disrupt timelines and budgets.

We are committed to organisation. Any effective project manager must be organised. Being organised can mean many things. Our definition of it is that we see the project holistically and can then prioritise competing responsibilities. Every project has a long list of deliverables. Everything can’t be completed at once. That’s why our project managers are so valuable. They remain organised and able to prioritise effectively.

We have great leaders. It’s a project manager’s job to interact with and influence many different stakeholders. Project managers have to lead with expertise. They earn the respect of clients so that if unforeseen issues arise relating to timeline or budget, they are addressed transparently and handled quickly.

We’re pragmatic. It’s a company value. Good project managers focus on getting work done with the resources available to them.

We deliver the documents needed. We always have the documentation needed and ensure smooth project handover and product testing. Your time is valuable. You shouldn’t have to wait for documentation.

Professional Development Opportunities: Growing With You

At Allied Pumps, we offer professional development opportunities for you and your team to learn more about water packaging and treatment solutions. As thought leaders in the sector, you can take advantage of our expertise. You can discover all the different solutions available and learn about the innovative ways in which the industry is evolving. Interested in a professional development session? Get in touch today.

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