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The Basics to Wastewater Treatment in the Mining Industry

August 25 2021

Water treatment is an important aspect for all industries, from grey water treatment system to the treatment of wastewater there needs to be a clear treatment plan in place to ensure that our waterways are clean and won’t pose any threat to the ecosystems around them.


In today’s blog we’ll be taking a closer look at how mining wastewater should be treated and why it’s so important that these water supplies are treated properly and frequently.


What is Mining Wastewater Treatment?


Wastewater treatment system is an essential part of the daily function of the mining industry and is used for a range of mining applications to recover metals and other materials from the earth. Using water in this way can see the build-up of mineral material in your water supply, once this water source has been contaminated it can’t be reused or returned back to its original water source because of the health concerns that would follow.


While this water source is necessary for mining processes it poses more issues if left untreated. The acidity created in this wastewater, from ore and other sediment substances, not only increases the level of metals found in the water but can also increase the likelihood of erosion, leaching and acid mine drainage. Which will directly impact your mine’s environment.


Why Do We Need to Treat Mining Wastewater?


Without the proper treatment there are many challenges that your mining site will face. Groundwater contamination, high slime waste, aquifer toxification and acid runoff from drainage and tailing pipes are all large issues that your site will encounter by not properly treating your mine’s wastewater.


If you’re in an environment with a large number of neighbouring mines, it’s also important to think of the stress you’ll be putting on water resources by not treating it.


How to Treat Wastewater in Mining Industries


Most methods used to treat stormwater and mine drainage are the same. The primary goal for the treatment of all these water sources is to remove metals, solids and any other contaminants that might be found. You’ll be able to tell that the mine water treatment is successful when the optimal pH levels are measured.


To be able to treat your water source effectively there needs to be a combination of chemical and mechanical filtration. Through the use of pH adjusters, coagulants, Flocculants and mechanical filtration systems your water source will be treated and ready to use again in another area of your mine.


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