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The Importance of Non-Process Infrastructure for Mining Operations

November 5 2019

The frantic pace of the mining industry in Western Australia over the past few years has resulted in the rapid development of both process and non-process infrastructure.

Setting the Standard

Headquartered in Western Australia, we understand the harsh environmental conditions our package solutions will face and consequently the importance of manufacturing to the highest standards and reliability and do so in accordance with ISO 9001:2015. In addition to meeting this standard, our welding team are accredited to all applicable welding standards including AS1554.1, AS4037, AS3992, AS2980 and ASME 9 and can fabricate and weld a vast range of materials including mild steel, Stainless Steel (309 & 316), Super Duplex and Aluminium depending on project requirements.

Non-process infrastructure requires a unique design approach as functionality and safety orientated procedures can often guide the design requirements. As you can imagine, many of these structures are located in regional areas, often in cyclonic regions, in close proximity to potential blast sources. We work with our clients to co-create the perfect solution, ensuring they not only meet all Australian Standards, but the stringent mine standards as well as the extreme conditions they are likely to face. This sounds like an impossible task, but we understand that our solutions need to provide long-term service across the length and breadth of mine operations.

Ramping up

With the demand for minerals increasing, mining operations need to scale quickly to cope with the increased demand for these commodities. This increase in production requires additional personnel to manage the mining and production, all of whom need to be accommodated on site.

For example, one of our recent projects required the design and installation of two raw water transfer tanks. These two 10m high tanks were needed to replace an old, undersized tank which supplied the village, central facilities, wet plant, stockyard and other facilities. Without the new tanks the mine would not have been able to meet demand which would severely impact on its ability to meet its business requirements.

Clear Water Treatment Systems

Engineered to withstand the harshest of applications, Cleartec Clear Water Treatment Systems offer a turnkey approach to water filtration in mining applications.

We offer a range of mobile containerised modules that can be manufactured to suit your site specifications and come complete for easy transportation to and from site. Another recent project required a containerised water treatment system for a new camp facility. Once completed, the system was loaded onto a flatbed truck for delivery to site where our team will remotely commission the treatment system.

In addition to our clear water treatment systems which are vital to the smooth running of the operation, we can also provide modular sewage and grey water treatment solutions.

The Enviropac™ wastewater treatment system is ideal for decentralised sewage schemes. As the system is modular, the system can be adapted to virtually any water dispersal demand from 5000 litres per day up to 500 000 litres per day and is an economical way to manage the process elements of secondary, tertiary and advanced wastewater treatment in a single package while easily handling peak requirements.

With over 30 years’ experience contributing effective solutions to the mining sector, we have become the trusted experts in supplying and supporting Non-Process Infrastructure. Can we help you meet your business demands? Contact a member of the team today for more information. 

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