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Case Studies

The Wipes Crisis in Sydney

June 2 2016

You wouldn’t ever think that ‘flushable’ wipes could wreak havoc but they certainly had for residents as well as Sydney Water and Hunter Water Corporation.

Each year, Sydney Water removes 500 tonnes of wipes from the wastewater network at a cost of $8 million. Clean-outs reportedly occur on a regular basis, and require specialized equipment and manual labor at a costly expense. Wet wipes are said to be responsible for around 80 per cent of all sewer blockages in Hunter Water’s system. The Water Services Association of Australia estimates wet wipes are costing water utilities $15 million per year.

These Sydney Morning Herald articles by Julie Power and by Gabriel Wingate-Pearse and Glen Humphries paint the vivid picture of the impact of wipes on plumbing and sewage systems.

With an increase in tougher and more durable debris wreaking havoc on waste treatment plants and collection systems, JWC Environmental saw an opportunity to innovate their family of grinders to introduce systems capable of managing this challenge. The Muffin Monster® grinder prevents clogging, reduces maintenance costs and protects valuable downstream equipment. It’s the very best way to solve tough solids problems and keep your entire system flowing freely.

The Muffin Monster® grinders protect pumps and sludge dewatering equipment from clogging. They help prevent torn belts and damaged rollers in belt presses. These grinders facilitate a balanced and efficient centrifuge operation, and after dewatering, they ensure uniform particle size for easy handling and disposal. Eliminate equipment downtime and reduce your maintenance costs.

The Auger Monster, Channel Monster, Honey Monster and Screenings Washer Monster ensure solids are obliterated and removed from the waste stream. The benefits include:

  • Capture, grind and remove more solids than alternative technologies.
  • Cleaner, dewatered screenings.
  • Minimize labor-intensive waste handling, reduce transport costs and pay less to landfill.
  • Protect pumps and minimize costly downtime.
  • Modular design installs easily without civil work.
  • Monsters do not require enclosures or buildings

As sole distributors of JWC Environmental’s extensive range of Muffin Monster® systems, Allied Pumps has the ability to provide cost-effective and highly efficient Packaged Pumping solutions for municipal, industrial, healthcare, correctional, airports and other industries where high volume wastewater solutions are needed.

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