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Why buying your pumping equipment from Allied Pumps can save you money

June 27 2018

When it comes to supplying complete water package pumping, storage and treatment solutions we build products that last.

Our clients benefit from peace of mind, knowing we manufacture to the highest standard of engineering and reliability in accordance with ISO 9001:2008. We know that manufacturing pumps to such exacting and high standards means we may never have to supply another one to that client to address the issue it was created to solve – but we do it anyway, and consequently our clients benefit in many ways.

Of course, like all equipment, pumps and the equipment that comes with them, need regular and reliable maintenance to allow them to continue to run at optimum efficiency. But the results speak for themselves.

Case in Point:

  • In October 1992 Allied Pumps were approached by an engineer from the Water Corporation to solve a low-pressure challenge in the Orange Grove area. The client required a pump duty of 8.0L/sec @ 37m boost.
  • In 1993 a pump system comprising of dual pumps operating on a variable speed control was supplied as a complete package with base, pipework, valves, control system and pressure vessel.
  • 26 years later and the Bickley Booster Pump Station is still going strong, most of the pumpset is original, the system is still functioning correctly and addressing the issue it was created to solve.

When it comes to your pumping and associated equipment, you need reliable, efficient and quick access to servicing and maintenance.

Our Technical Service Division offers in-house and onsite pump repair services, including work on remote sites, scheduled maintenance and site surveys, minimising disruption to your operations.

You are supported by our highly-qualified Service Technicians, our fully equipped, mobile service vehicles and our state of the art workshop facilities.

We also keep a comprehensive range of replacement pumps and spare parts stocked in our warehouses across WA to reduce any impact to your operations.

Scheduled Servicing Benefits: 

  • Reducing inconvenient breakdowns
  • Increasing service life of pump systems
  • Ensuring greater reliability
  • Maximising performance and reduces power consumption
  • Providing peace of mind for strata managers/owners

Is it time to schedule your pumps next service? Please contact us to discuss the preventative maintenance schedules available to you by our Technical Services team.

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