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Allied Pumps Services To Assist Your Commercial Needs

February 5 2021

Our team at Allied Pumps has extensive knowledge and experience in the commercial and building services sector. We are at the forefront of the industry offering packaged solutions for your commercial pumps, water storage and treatment requirements.

We offer a wide range of products that are tailored to the individual needs of each client, building and project. See how our commercial services can best assist you.

Clear Water Treatment And Reuse Systems

Clear water treatments are important as they remove any contaminants and bacteria. This treatment is crucial when it comes to your health. At Allied Pumps we offer the best water treatments and reuse systems that use advanced elements and arrive pre-assembled into a synchronized package that creates consistent, safe and reliable water supply solutions. We’re able to treat and re-use water from a range of different sources. Each treatment package is thoughtfully designed and engineered to supply a cost-effective solution while giving you a more reliable water supply.

Fire Protection

We offer a variety of Fire Pump Packages. These were created to assist the increasing demand for turnkey systems that are compliant with the Australian Standard AS2941:2013 for Fire Pumps or NFPA 20. Our range of fire protection pumps are available in both diesel and electric drive configurations. Fire water pumps are important to have in any area where the current water system is unable to provide the right amount of pressure needed. Most fire pumps can be found and are commonly used in buildings including warehouses, hospitals, apartment blocks and hotels.

Industrial Waste And Oily Water Treatment

At Allied Pumps, we offer a variety of reliable waste water solutions.

These are used to manage wastewater by products in both commercial, mining and industrial sectors. Our waste and oily water solutions offer a cutting-edge process combined with proven mechanical and electrical control systems. We supply a wide range of turnkey packages including mining series coalescing plate oily water separators, coalescing plate oily water separators, polishing filters, trade waste lint filter systems and more.

Liquid Storage Solutions

If you’re looking for either above or below-ground liquid storage tanks, we have a wide range for you to choose from. Our tanks come in various configurations and can hold up to 5000kL. They are specially designed, manufactured and tested for fire and industrial applications. Each tank is made to the highest quality and can be tailored to suit your requirements and can store other liquids if needed.

Sewage And Grey Water Tanks

With a growing awareness when it comes to health, it’s never been more important to invest in a waste and effluent treatment system. We offer the latest instrumentation and process controls as well as advanced developments when it comes to treatment and decontamination technologies. These offer our clients a reliable and cost-effective solution when it comes to water and waste treatment.

Each treatment system will allow you to effectively treat the contaminated water source including processing wastewater, stormwater runoffs, polluted groundwater and more. With our advanced sewage treatments, we provide systems suitable for a range of different industries.

Submersible Pumping Station

We offer a range of Submersible Pumping Stations suitable for commercial, domestic and industrial use. All of our submersible pumps have been thoughtfully engineered to be used for low usage requirements as well as multi-dwelling commercial, residential and industrial sites. Our collection of effluent, sewer pumps and specialised control panels are available to assist you with any requirements from sewerage, stormwater and trade waste.

Water Supply And Pressure Systems

Our range of packaged pressure pump systems has been designed and developed as a solution to the demand for precision control and ongoing pressure to remove cycling, pressure fluctuations and cyclic fatigue. We offer two advanced types of control which are Fixed Speed Systems and Variable Speed Systems. Both single and multiple pump units can be combined with the pressure tanks, valves, gauges, pressure and flow monitoring equipment, as well as a range of different filtration and treatment options.

To learn more about our commercial services and products call us on 1800 335 550 or click on our Contact Us page.

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