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Fire Protection in the Mining Industry with the Allied Pumps Mining Series Fire Pumpsets

June 6 2019

Mine sites across Australia are both broad and varied in how they operate as well as the resources that they search for and ultimately extract. However, they have many things in common – namely:

  • Highly expensive and mission critical equipment that typically operate day and night under extreme hostile conditions, including underground; and
  • Vast, remote and difficult to access environments to contend with.

Consequently, the last thing a mining operation can afford is a fire. Not only will it threaten the safety of operators and destroy vital equipment, a devastating fire will cause significant down time while determining the viability of the mining operation itself. Consequently, it is important to ensure that mining environments are protected by appropriate fire protection systems.


The Allied Pumps’ Mining Series Fire Pumpsets are specifically designed and manufactured to cater for the stringent requirements of mining companies for reliable hydrant and sprinkler protection systems.

Available in diesel and electric drive configurations, assembled on a common fabricated base with pipework manifolds, valves control and accessories – these pumpsets are a fully automated complete turnkey package.

As noted in the Pump Industry article – meeting fire pump standards in a competitive market can be challenging and as the author notes

“Unfortunately, deliberate misinterpretation, ignorance and deliberate short cuts occur regularly. The recent events of building fires both here and abroad illustrate and confirm that fire related standards are not always met. Someone has signed off and certified compliance with relevant fire standards and regulations, yet non-compliance is often most obvious to the experienced engineer.”

We are proud to say that every Fire Pump Set engineered and fabricated by Allied Pumps is in strict adherence to relevant fire codes, mining specifications and Australian Standards. Added to this rigorous set of specifications and standards, our Mining Series Fire Pumpsets are application specific and engineered to a site’s unique needs and special requirements.

With extensive experience supplying fire protection to the mining industry Allied Pumps can deliver state of the art, compliant mine standard fire pumpsets backed by complete QA and testing documentation, progress inspection and witness testing and remote on-site commissioning.

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