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What is a Submersible Packaged Pump Station

October 2 2018

Submersible packaged pump stations are an integrated system that includes a tank made of strong impact-resistant materials such as precast concretepolyethylene, or glass-reinforced plastic and comes with internally fitted pipework and submersible automatic pump/s.

There are many benefits of using submersible package pump stations. Pre-fabricated to exact specification, they reduce site work costs and installation time providing a cost-effective solution.

Submersible pumping stations can be used in a variety of domestic, industrial and commercial applications. These stations can be engineered to deal with a variety of needs from low usage requirements to multi-use locations.

Domestic and light industrial waste water transfer Pump Stations combines a Polyethylene sump designed for low usage applications with a range of compact heavy duty submersible pumps. Applications include raw sewage, effluent, storm water, subsoil drainage and industrial waste.

Industrial and commercial waste water transfer Pump Stations are available in precast concrete and packaged fibreglass and have been developed for common effluent schemes where twin pumps or larger storage volumes are required.

A complete range of pumps and specialised control panels are available to suit almost any requirement from effluent and sewage through to storm water and trade waste.

Allied Pumps is headquartered in Western Australia and stocks an extensive product range. With production and testing conducted at our premises, we know we can provide a fast, efficient turn around which is of significant benefit to the clients we assist.

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