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Precast Concrete Packaged Pump Station

The ALLIED PUMPS Precast Packaged Pump Stations have been developed for use in multi-dwelling residential installations, commercial and industrial developments and common effluent schemes where twin pumps or larger storage volumes are required.  A complete range of pumps and standard control panels are available to suit almost any requirements from effluent and sewage to storm water and trade waste.

Precast concrete pits are a unique, mould formed chamber with a smooth, hard, impervious finish – specially designed to give superior life by combining high strength (50 MPA) with Sulphate Resistant (SR) cement. Calcareous aggregate and internal coatings or linings are available as options. Pits can be supplied with internal valve chambers fully sealed against ingress of liquid or gas, an innovation which further reduces capital loss, space requirements and on-site labour.

The Allied Pumps’ Precast Packaged Pump Station represents the highest standards of safety while greatly reducing operational and maintenance costs. The Precast Packaged Pump Station conforms to all OH&S requirements and is designed to eliminate routine confined space entries.

The concept has received recognition from both the OH&S industry and Water Authorities as setting new standards in safety and serviceability. Not only have the hazards of pump station maintenance been significantly reduced, but by addressing all aspects of the design, overall station reliability has been greatly improved.

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Key Features:

  • Greater wall thickness extends design life
  • 56° sludge-butter – better self-cleaning ability
  • Internal lifting points – greater safety during installation
  • Thicker Cover over reinforcement (minimum 60mm for 3200Ø stn) – greater resistance to corrosive liquids
  • Large valve chamber – full service access
  • Optional extended cover slab for controller/vent mounting reduces on-site civil works
  • Smooth internal finish to AS 1510 – reduces foreign debris build up in station
  • Sulphate resistant cement and calcareous aggregate provide the ultimate resistance to aggressive mediums.
  • Internal valve chamber – no differential settlement, reduced installation costs
  • Removable elbow in valve chamber simplifies valve removal and service procedures.
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